you can’t shoot yet, but at least as far as the “see around the corner”, there is now a real breakthrough. It is not a device with angles and Mirrors. Also not a type of thermal sensor or x-ray device – the methods to the walls to Shine through. But an algorithm of the University of Boston. With should not be without great cost to look with an x-any camera is just a straight line, but to determine what is behind an angle or a wall.

Diffuse reflections

And it works like this: light travels always in a straight line, so it can hit any angle. But where it impinges on an object, it is reflected somehow. Sometimes more and sometimes less. It meets a shiny, polished surface of the human eye by means of the mirror image can, around the corner to look. The light hits a gray wall or a clinker surface, it is reflected also in. But the Reflex is too diffuse and too weak, as we could construct in the head resulting in a image.

Invisible fighting Jets

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Gernot Kramper

Otherwise the algorithm. He can distinguish between the bright direct light and the tiny amounts of scattered light, disconnect it and strengthen it. The weak light and shade signals are assembled by the camera to take a picture. For you to have a dull surface acts as a mirror.

mobile App will come

In “Nature,” wrote the team leader Vivek Goyal: “Our technology provides the Position of an object and the scene behind the object, although the object and the scene are outside the line of sight of the camera.” No controlled lighting is required.

applications there would be enough “shots without direct line of sight, running out of cheap, widely available devices will have a significant value in the Monitoring of hazardous environments, the Navigation and the detection of hidden enemies.”

A soldier is warned of the opponents, a car could detect pedestrians behind an obstacle. Similarly, the technology could be used in the Monitoring of hazardous or inaccessible areas, such as chemical or nuclear power plants. In General, the number of surveillance cameras could be reduced, if there are no more dead angles.

breakthrough on the question of costs

The principle is known for a Long time, but until now you needed special, and accordingly expensive equipment, in order to obtain an image. “It was virtually impossible to reconstruct an image from only scattered light from a wall without advanced instruments,” said Allard Mosk, optics physicist at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, to “Nature”. “It is certainly possible that this will be a mobile App,” said Goyal, although he has no plans for such a development.

source: Nature

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Gernot Kramper