Loyalty is an important virtue, that she has even made it into the Ten commandments. Primary refers to the marriage, but also in customer relations it is worthwhile: In the favorite bar root can let customers change cover letter, in the Restaurant, you will get more quickly a table, in front of Baker’s and something on the house.

Only in the world of xed-term contracts for the Fidelity of the Stupid. While new customers of DSL or mobile wireless providers, and swarmed with juicy discounts be attracted, existing customers usually have a Look. Who lets the contract run longer than necessary, often paid too much or has even worse performance. It is an injustice with the System, which might soon be abolished in two ways.

Barley is calling for shorter contract durations

a Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley wants to strengthen the rights of consumers by the maximum duration of contracts – for example, in the case of fixed line or mobile phone connections as well as fitness studios – from 24 to 12 months is reduced. Also in the case of the extension of the contract, there should be Changes: Forgetting a customer terminate a contract in a timely manner, to extend the maturity of only three instead of the previous six months. Termination of contracts shall be one month before the end of the contract. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” reported. The CDU signaled their support for the changes in the law that could revolutionize several industries.

Only the FDP is the thing still not so convinced. They feared that shorter contract periods increases are accompanied by price increases.

Telekom wants existing customers reward

But also the companies themselves seem not to have understood that the Court clever, but unfaithful, new customers at the expense of existing customers in the long term, particularly in a sustainable way. Deutsche Telekom announced last week: “Many customers are us many years of loyal service, but you don’t get the same deals as new customers. This is learned in our industry, but it is wrong and unfair. We change the step-by-step. With our current offer of all. Loyal customers & new customers,” wrote the company on Twitter.

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the insight of The Telekom may be late, but it has weight. Finally, the company lives out the practice so far, particularly excessively. While existing customers have to pay for a 50Mbit-line as well as the Receiver for making phone Calls, Surfing, and digital TV for around 50 euros a month, get new customers online, a juicy discount. External seller it is even more attractive prizes such as a Sonos Soundbar and 12 months Sky for a few euros. With such attractive Bundles, you feel offended as a regular customer.

in order to proceed, such As, the Telekom in practice, is so far not known. On a request, the company has not commented so far.

source: FAZ, Telekom