Eight months after the entry into force of a Europe-wide rule to the boundless use of paid Streaming services, customers still have problems to retrieve the content in other EU countries.

As a representative study by the consumers Central Rhineland-Palatinate revealed, could not take advantage of every second left User the services just like home.

1. April had entered the EU rule in force, whereby providers such as Netflix, Sky Go or Spotify to their customers traveling abroad in the EU to access the contents of your home country must grant. Providers of free content, and the media libraries of the public TV stations do not fall under the new rule.

“in Spite of the portability regulation, many consumers are still problems with the cross-border use,” explains Manfred Schwarzenberg of the consumer Rhineland-Palatinate. Specifically, the study found that of the more than 2500 respondents, subscribers to paid services, nearly one-fifth has used one or more of the offers since April, in a foreign country. According to the results of each Second (49 percent) reported among them, almost of problems.

most frequently the respondents complained that the content that you can stream in Germany, is not or only partially available had been abroad.