Leila Lowfire is no longer a part of the Show


Slowly but surely, it goes to the target just in the jungle camp. On day 12 Leila Lowfire (25), RTL-Show must leave “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!”. Only seven candidates of the originally twelve participants remain at the camp fire. In today’s jungle test Peter Orloff (74) is reaching its limits and only a sparse star yield back to his campers. Meanwhile, Evelyn Burdecki (29) is disappointed by Bastian Yotta (42) brutally and breaks even with him…

After the reconciliation of Chris and Bastian

In the case of the night-a treasure hunt on the day before the great rapprochement between Chris Töpperwien (44) and Bastian Yotta (42). But this seems to be primarily occupied by Chris in the aftertaste quite a bit. His resentment is primarily directed against the makers of the consignment: “they have got me, with your fucking Psycho… I’m looking for here conversations, search Acquaintances, search of friends, and then you will get here the gef…. around the back. Not with me. I want to get out of here, the spectators are not supposed to choose me out of here, I want coal, I want to get out of here…” If his wish is answered?

The statement of Gisele

Gisele Oppermann (31) leaves the choice on the day before the Camp. There is nobody about but somehow evil. Bastian finds clear words: “no one will miss you here.” Felix van Deventer (22) suggests in a similar vein: “she was not a Team player.” Gisele even with a good mood in the freedom: “I am delighted! Actually, I wanted to win the thing, but it is a game.” The others were stronger and would not have been so blatant fear. Nevertheless, they have many Fears to overcome: “for me, This is a huge progress!” If Germany don’t let you, then it is so…

Doreen is struggling with the nerves at the end

Doreen Dietel (44) meanwhile, with strong self-doubt. Not having been elected the day before, just out of the Camp, she expresses her concerns in the jungle the phone: “I was so Scared that I’ll come out and somehow all the rum hack on me because I made such a Shit. I have, however, made no Shit.” In tears, she explains to that you do just for the fun of it: “For me, this is more than a game.” At the camp fire, Bastian tries to cheer you up, you should not take the results of the voting to the heart: “I do you, personally, nothing.” “But, of course,” replies Doreen only betröppelt.

Evelyn breaks up with Bastian

That was more than researchers from Bastian: On the day before he drove his With-treasure hunter Evelyn with a pretty harsh tone, as if she wanted to comment on the feud between him and Chris. The can’t let you sit up: “that kind of stuff go close to me,” betrayed you in the jungle phone. You’ve just want to the mood between the two armed crowd loosen up, “But then I was at the end of the that has a lid.”

As Bastian had touched yelled at, and even, she was shocked: “Since I already had a bit of fear. I would not have expected from Basti. For me it was a real shock.” You don’t have the courage to say something. Prior to that, she felt with him, and recovered: “He had the function of warmth and love and everything.” It was actually Sad that he had disappointed you so. However, a brief discussion on the next day, seems to have the waves smoothed out again. Or is it not?

Peter earned with bloody hands, two stars

In the jungle testing may prove this Time the pop Star Peter Orloff (74). Whether he will have with his positive nature to the game, “gray lake” success? Highly motivated and with a smile on your face, he’s at least the task: “I’m looking forward to it! Giving up is not an Option!” In five different tests to earn eight stars, the Peter on all levels. Will prove to require the full range of jungle nasties: disgusting things to eat, skill and endurance. Pretty steep for a 70-Year-old who briefly loses in the water, even the orientation…

For the third test, when he must turn off the stars of the long threads, while he is showered with resolution of fish and animal offal, hurt to the Hand, but can gain yet another star. “I have the whole paws bloody, but no matter!”, Peter commented on his injury, Dr. Bob treated immediately with a bandage on the right and a patch on the left Hand. At the end of it for him, after all, three stars: “I am happy to be here!”, his conclusion is as follows.

The decision by the camp fire

must leave the doubting Doreen the Camp, as you prophesied it? By no means! She could also feel the same as the first Participant is safe and remains in the jungle. The audience decided as a loose candidate for Bastian and Leila. In the end it wasn’t enough for Leila. “I would like to take a shower and sleep in a bed. I’ve experienced a lot here,” said Leila just before the certainty, that they will not be starting immediately.

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