Update 15. November 2018: exactly 40 years Ago, the story of the Kelly Family began. Since then, the family has travelled to many countries, made countless Hits, and many members of Kelly’s celebrated as a Solo-artist success. But privately the musicians made for some headlines. For years, rumors that the house blessing would hang with some of the siblings wrong, persist.

a few weeks Ago, it was speculated by the Fans then, if Maite had a falling out with her brother Paddy. Now the singer continued, however, the Statement is likely to clear all the rumours of a semi-families-Zoff out of the way.

While the singer made in the last few weeks with a statement about the separation with her Ex-husband made headlines, her brother Michael Patrick Kelly of new Juror in the success of the program “The Voice of Germany”.

reason for the rumors around a possible Geschwister-Zoff was the lack of participation of the two singers in the Kelly-Comeback. During the siblings, Angelo, Jimmy, Patricia, John, Paul and Kathy of 2017 celebrated the great Comeback of Kelly’s, did not take part in the siblings, Maite, Michael, Patrick and Barby at the Reunion. And this year, the three will not be at the big “25 years Over the Hump”Tour to the stage.

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So cute… @michael.patrick.kelly.official mega has always been a presenter and entertainer – he will be the perfect new host for Sing my Song – The exchange concert. I was so happy when I got the News that he will be next year the host of the Show. Paddy, you will rock it!!! #tvshow #host #sing my song #Michael Patrick Kelly #newchallenge #forlove win anyway

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But now, released the 38-Year-old is a really sweet Statement on your big brother, Michael Patrick directed. To see a Video of a previous presentation of the Kelly Family. Paddy Kelly seems to accept, at least temporarily, the role of the facilitator and his siblings to the audience. Maite not to post this old picture for no reason: Until recently, Michael Patrick Kelly was as a future host of the Vox TV show “Sing announced my Song.”

the Video shows Maite, how proud she seems to be on their big brother: “Michael Patrick Kelly has always been a Mega-Moderator and entertainer – he will be the perfect new host for ‘Singing my Song’. I was so happy when I got the News. Paddy, you will rock it!!!“ By Maite added a Hashtag then cleans up all the beef-rumors final from the room: “love triumphs anyway.”

Kelly Family: Sensations-message will be happy a lot of Fans

München – let’s Be honest: video cassettes bought no longer human. Or almost none. The Flag of the good old VHS hold, only a very few high and coils industrious their cassettes back and forth. Unlike the record, the Format has been hailed as yet no Revival.

And still have a cassette under the Fans of the Kelly Family is always traded: The recording of the concert on the open air stage Loreley in 1995 on VHS changes still on Ebay the owner. To be not for very high prices, but an interest in all of the Fans that you have not yet, seems to be there.

this is Because many enjoy the Show legends Status. “This is probably the best Live-concert of the Kelly Family. Unfortunately, it is a great pity that this concert is available only as a VHS. This concert deserves to be released on DVD,“ wrote about an Amazon review several years ago.

anyone Who sees it the same way, should now rejoice: For the first time, the Loreley-concert from 1995 on DVD. And has been re-processed. The Promotion Agency of the publishing record company Universal.

Limited Fanbox the Kelly Family concert 1995

occasion of the publication of a much more recent Live album: For on 24. and 25. August 2018, returned to the Kelly Family for the Loreley, and there in the course of their recent Tour, two concerts, which will be published under the title “We Got Love – Live at Loreley” in different variants.

Kelly-Family-trailer but should not be only on the new recording is sharp, but also and in particular on the 1995 concert on DVD.

There is only one Option, get the limited Fan-Box in the Bus-optics. In addition to the “Live at Loreley”DVD with the recording of 1995 this contains a gym bag, magnets, postcards, and a Deluxe Edition of the new Live album, a cost of about 50 Euro. The Box appears on the 16. November.

Who does not submit to moving images too much value, has an Alternative: The picture recording offers in your Shop a combination of the 2018er – and 1995-each of which is on CD.

2018er Show at Loreley had oriented the Kelly Family close to the concert 23 years ago. On the set list were cover versions of “Let It Be” and “The Rose” as well as Traditionals like “Let My People Go” or “Sick Man” a number of Songs that were also in 1995, part of the Loreley show.

Kelly Family: “What we have seen on this Tour unique,”

The Band looks back delighted on their last concert tour. “What we have seen on this Tour unique. Fans from young to old, parents with their children, but also an incredible number of new Fans – all of you have celebrated with us in the evening for night life and music. Together, we have laughed, danced, cried and celebrated“, is quoted by the Kelly Family from the record company.

The Fans don’t read that sort of thing – however, all of the despite the success, by far, the Folk-Band super. Not even in the own family. Even the son of Angelo Kelly seems to find their music dumb, as he intimated in an Interview.

Not on the Comeback here, Michael Patrick Kelly and Maite Kelly. While only mentioned with a Show in exchange for eddy, made his sister a stormy confession.

Also interesting: TV-Sensation: “The Voice of The Senior” starts before Christmas – Famous Band makes a Comeback.