The iPhone X for Apple a blockbuster – and it’s supposed to be a report of the “Wall Street Journal” (“WSJ”), once again. The company had started production of the previous year model because of the supposedly weak demand for the new iPhones, Xs and Xs Max, the newspaper writes.

The reason for this decrease in obligations entered into by Apple with its screen supplier Samsung. The extra Displays are to be installed, therefore instead of the new models in a new edition of the iPhone X. Originally, the group had discontinued the sale of this model, as the models Xs and Xs Max came in the trade.

That Apple launches an iPhone after its end of production, again, there has been years ago. At the beginning of 2017, Apple brought the iPhone 6 in several Asian countries on the market. The device, at the time only in one color (Gold), and with only one memory configuration (32 GB), was, however, offered neither Apple itself nor in the free trade. Instead, it was marketed only through certain mobile telephone operators.

A new version of the iPhone X is expected to be launched in a similar way in the trade. A restriction to only one color and one storage variant would simplify the production and the profit margin increase. Where a new iPhone is likely to be X price significantly below the current models that have been compared to technically significantly upgraded.


On the price screw rotates the Apple to the “WSJ” according to the iPhone, Xr, at least in Japan. Apple has an almost dominant position in the market. Latest Figures from Statcounter, the market share of iPhones is up there at 70 percent.

As a reaction to weak radio provider would pay mobile there next week, the prices for the iPhone Xr to lower. Apple cuts support these measures by the appropriate price for the mobile phone companies. to buy

Instead of an iPhone Xr, would decide many of the customers for an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. Both models, Apple has to continue in the program and offers them at lower prices than the current models.

The “WSJ” had already reported a few days ago that Apple have ramped up production of the current iPhones. Shortly thereafter, the financial service Bloomberg reported citing an internal memo, that the Apple operating contract manufacturer Foxconn for the planning year of drastic austerity measures.

Apple has not commented on the Reports so far, had investors were surprised at the beginning of the month but with a revenue forecast that fell below expectations. This was justified with the weaker demand in emerging countries.