In the fall, Apple had much to show, and three new iPhones, a Apple Watch in a new Look, new Macbook Air, and the revised iPad Pro damaged the accounts of Apple Fans. In the spring, Apple could show even more new devices, and even in product areas that were almost believed to be dead.

according to a recent report from Ming-Chi Kuo. The usually highly informed Analyst relies on his sources at Apple’s suppliers, and expected for the first half of the year, new products in the chord.

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all-new Macbook Pro in the 16-inch

probably The most exciting new feature: Only a good two years after the last Redesign of the Apple Kuos sources, the Macbook Pro transmogrify want. Like the iPhone and the iPad Pro, the Display should, therefore, margins are shrinking, probably on the surface of a 15-inch model will be 16 or even 16.5 inches diagonal. It remains, however: Kuo speaks of a “completely new Design”. What this looks like, he reveals. Fans hope to see a revised Touchbar and support of the Apple Pencil.

The 13-inch model should come only a small improvement in Detail. Kuo, it’s supposed to get support for 32 GB of memory.

disappointment among customers

Apple sends the iPad Pro portion bent to customers and sees this not as a Defect

By Malte Mansholt

Exciting a new Apple Display. Kuo, according to Apple’s building a 31,6-inch screen with 6K resolution, and Mini-LED-lighting. It would be the first Display of the group, since 2016, the Cinema-were Displays set. That Apple is working on a new Display, was confirmed the group already at the announcement for a new Mac Pro. Also, this is not expected this year.

the new iPad

iPad to pending larger Changes. Therefore, Apple plans, even the entry-level iPad, the frame einzudampfen, instead of 9.7, it is to get to 10.2 inch diagonal display. Thus, the edge is still significantly larger than the Pro with 11-inch, a improvement it is from all. Probably also the small iPad is likely to get support for the face detection Face ID.

the second device will be happy to see friends of smaller Tablets: The iPad Mini will finally get a contemporary remake. The currently selling iPad Mini 4 has already 3.5 years old. The processor is again a year older, it corresponds to a iPhone 6. Especially in the gastronomy enormously popular Tablet was for an Upgrade due.

New Airpods in the spring?

When the Airpods resist Kuo speaks the current rumors. The expected Update of the already for 2016 unchanged sold headphones until later in the year, Kuo believes in a course start in the first half of the year. The headphones to get a better Bluetooth connection, in addition, you should be able to make your case and now wireless charging.


New Apple laptop

Macbook Pro (2018) in the Test: A Notebook like a sheet of paper

By Christoph Fröhlich

Fittingly, Kuo also promises the start of sales of the charging Mat Airpower. The presented Apple’s actually already using the iPhone X, in 2018, it should end up in the trade. Probably due to technical difficulties, the group had moved you. Especially the promised Feature, iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods at the same time, and at any placement, download to have problems. Now you should be sold in the near future.

the Condemned live longer

With the last forecast Kuos has probably expected hardly anyone in His contacts suggest that Apple will replace the iPod Touch. The “current” model is unchanged sold in 2015. Whether by today’s standards, tiny 4-inch Screen gets an Upgrade, is not known. Only one of the current processor. In the past, Apple had failed with the iPod Touch, especially children and teenagers whose parents want to the full price of an iPhone for the Small pay. Given the large market for iPhones Used, it will be exciting to see who’s going to buy the iPod Touch now.

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