lower Saxony’s interior Ministers, Boris Pistorius, that criminal asylum-seekers will in the future be assessed according to a points system, which will eventually lead to deportation. It was a “very reasonable proposal,” he said of the North German broadcasting (NDR). He assume that this would be adopted at the, which starts on Wednesday the Minister of the interior conference.

such A nationally standardised assessment scheme could help to identify the intensive offenders at an early stage and act on it, said Pistorius. It is causing this is the opposite of a stigma, and allow the differentiation between dangerous criminals and people who have committed no or minor crimes.

The BKA-concept, according to a report in the Berlin Tagesspiegel, a red line at a maximum of 60 points. For less serious offences, such as theft of an item was provided, the newspaper wrote. Ten points would be due, if an asylum applicant with a minimum of one year in prison for his crime will be punished – for example, due to a body injury or a noise offence the poison. In the case of murder 70 points would be listed.

The Federal criminal police office registered the daily mirror that by 2017, approximately 2,800 suspects, migrants have more than committed ten offenses. In the case of nearly 60,000 immigrants were two to a maximum of ten offences. In the Figures, the frequent violations of asylum seekers against the residence obligation, i.e., the unauthorized Leaving of the assigned Region.

the interior Ministers of The countries meet for their fall meeting to Friday in Magdeburg. Topics include the extension of the deportation stop for Syria, which expires in December. In addition, the Ministers will discuss an aggravated Penalty for the use of pyrotechnics in football stadiums and the unification of the information systems of the police authorities in the Federation and the länder.