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The war between Russia and Ukraine read back. He was never pacified, but because in the East of Ukraine, in the meantime, less people die than three years ago, is at some point entered the habituation. Now, the Repressed returns in a new venue: in the sea of Azov between Russia and the Ukraine.

wanted to be rammed On Sunday and fired on a ship of the Russian coast guards, three boats of the Ukrainian Navy, as this through the Kerch Strait from the Black sea into the sea of Azov to happen. The Russian frontier was fixed by the boats, now holds 23 Ukrainian sailors trapped, released the video recordings with self-accusations, a look at how to read, and makes them in the Crimea in the process.

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The Kremlin speaks of a Ukrainian provocation: The Ukraine have not reported to the transit of war ships, they had been warned, however, the ships had intruded into Russian territorial waters, and would thus run counter to the UN law of the sea Convention, failed to come. The Ukrainians speak of a “Gangster attack” on the Russians, and impose the right for the first Time since their independence the war – after all, in only ten regions and only for 30 days. Not, as the Ukrainian President had called for, for two months. Nato declared its solidarity with Ukraine, in America, the First call for an upgrade in the sea of Azov. This military incident reveals that the Attempts to accept the Russian annexation of the Crimea as a political normality, are doomed to Failure. A war in Europe, which is not pacified, can reignite at any time.

The development in the Azov sea came as no surprise. The inland sea is for the Ukraine is enormously important. It is connected by a Strait, the Strait of Kerch to the Black sea. On the sea of Azov, the Ukraine operates, among other things, trade with Turkey. Because it is for a Ukrainian-Russian agreement of 2004 than in common water, are not defined by the state borders in this sea, that is to say of war and merchant ships of both countries can drive freely. The agreement signed by Vladimir Putin and the then Ukrainian President, Leonid Kuchma, as you spoke of the “two historically brotherly Nations”. The settlement lasted until Russia 2014, the Crimea was annexed and a year later, with the construction of a bridge began, which now connects the Russian mainland with Crimea. Before the billion project was ready in may, the Ukrainian border guards in the Azov sea a Russian fishing boat and arrested the crew – the Russian side responded shortly thereafter, in turn, with the arrest of Ukrainian seafarers.

Paradoxically, the annexation of the Crimea strengthened, first to other ports of the Ukrainian coast cities: International ships passed through the Strait of Kerch and went to Mariupol or Berdyansk. Who’s in control of these Straits, controls the sea of Azov. Russia wants to secure this Power.

This article dates back to the TIME no 49/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

In may of this year, dedicated to Vladimir Putin, the gigantic bridge of Kerch. Because the bridge is only 35 feet high, can happen, no big freighter more, who have identified more than 20 per cent of the total traffic in the waters. Ships that can still happen, it will always be stopped again by the Russian border guards and, sometimes, days-long inspections. Occasionally, the Kerch Strait is blocked completely. The price and trading companies, and ports of the already war-torn Ukraine to pay. The Ukrainian infrastructure Minister is already talking of losses of more than 20 million euros since the completion of Putin’s prestige project. The Russians should dominate the sea of Azov, Ukraine would lose control of about half of its coast line. Russia is increasing its military presence for the security of the newly built bridge, which could be a target of terrorist attacks, as it is called. Since the annexation of Crimea by Russia is coming closer and closer to the Ukrainian mainland. Kiev may watch only A confrontation to the water could lose the Ukraine, with their naval fleet was decimated by the annexation of Crimea greatly, only.