In a former army barracks in Mainz, Germany, is today Germany’s digital future. There, the Federal network Agency auctioned off since 10 am, the frequencies for the LTE successor, 5G. It is also a decision about Germany’s future. Because the new Standard not only promises faster Surfing – he’s here to help, to digitize our society completely.

The potential of 5G, is huge. Not only Smartphone and PC, but almost all of the devices could with the new Standard to the network. Especially for cities and industry will open completely new possibilities. About trash, street cleaning sign, whether they need to be emptied or not, automatic traffic management at traffic jams or manufacturing plants, the sparks independently of what parts need to be serviced. Tiny radio transmitters to make this all possible, only the 5G-infrastructure is still missing. “The frequency auction is the most important milestone to date on Germany’s way in the 5G era,” said Bitkom President Achim Berg.

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DPA Absurd secrecy at 5G

The infrastructure to build the network operator, the offer to the frequencies. The secrecy during the auction, seems almost absurdly high. The bidders Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica and Drillisch, among other things, the operator of 1&1, all sit in their own rooms, with taped Windows, mobile phones and Internet are prohibited, in order to prevent collusion. A line to the Teams at the company’s headquarters – also sealed – is communicated to the outside, via a local area network bids for a total of 41 blocks of new wireless given frequencies.

bring in As a lot of the auctions, you must show up. The auction for the 3G Standard UMTS is still regarded as a disaster for the German mobile phone network. At that time, the Provider had rocked in a bidding war. At the end of 50 billion euros ended up in the state Treasury, the providers, the money was missing but the network expansion. In addition, they had to get the money from the customers about high fees. The auction is therefore regarded as the most important reason for this is that the German network is extended in comparison to other countries is bad, slow and expensive.

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By Malte Mansholt, The disaster prevent

it Should be in the 5G network to come in a similar, Germany is likely to be digital suspended permanently. Today, we are not long ago up-to-date. First cities in China are already connected much stronger. Fortunately, it will not come to that but as far as. Overall, to be expected for the frequencies of approximately three to five billion in revenues in 2015 were for the LTE frequencies were to be paid five billion. The first round of betting has been completed with 288.3 million, mainly Drillisch dashed through to the front. Now

the auction, there had been in advance of much controversy. The established network operators wanted to prevent the participation of Drillischs, all three had therefore and because of the, in their view, too high requirements in the network expansion complained. On Friday, the Urgency of the corporations were rejected and so the way for the auctions. Nevertheless, it can also change after the conclusion of the in the past three to six weeks long Bietprozesses something that suits.

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The requirements imposed by the Federal network Agency are sharper than initially announced. By 2022, the successful tenderer should Railways for 98 percent of households, as well as the car, the most important Federal roads and rail routes with a mobile Internet connection of at least 100 Mbit/s supply. By 2024, then the rest of the Federal roads to follow, for the country roads, sea routes and ports will at least require half the speed. The most important concession to the providers: you do not need to use the 5G frequencies, it is also quick LTE is enough for the time being.

Also controversial are the obligations of the Agency for National Roaming and service provider commitment. The former obliged the operators who operate a private network, to allow the newcomers to use, while expanding its own network. In the case of the Latter, the operator will be forced to their networks, even the competitors to offer the build a private network. Both want to tilt the operator on the loved one. Your actions should be successful, it would also make the auction null and void. And the digitisation of Germany would once again move to the rear.