Capital Bra (on the left) has one of Dieter Bohlen greatest Hits to own

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not even a week flew between Dieter Bohlen (65) and Rapper Capital Bra (24, “Prinzessa”), nor the scraps. Now everything seems to be snow from yesterday. On Tuesday, the 24-year-old Berlin posted an Instagram Video that shows him actually, as he abtanzt on its own Version of Bohlen Modern Talking-Hit “Cheri Cheri Lady”. “Cheri Cheri Lady, you Besondres’re what, a woman for life, or for a night”, – stated in it in the chorus. The most bizarre thing about it: The Pop-Titan seems to like the Cover.

Not only the Fans of the German rapper of Capital Bras Version enthusiastic, Dieter Bohlen has already responded to the Video, and very positive. He uploaded the short Clip on his Instagram page and commented on it with the flick of praise “awesome”.

Forgive and forget?

between the 65-year-old music producer and musician with Russian and Ukrainian roots, so quickly smooth things over so that nobody would have expected. Last Tuesday, Bohlen expressed in a “picture”-Interview highly critical of the German Rap-scene, including Capital Bra. “I don’t think that in 35 years someone is itching to Songs from Capital Bra,” he said bluntly. The statements and behavior of the young musicians he could find “highly questionable”.

in A statement, the 24-Year-old does not sit up. He offered the Pop star in a Story-Video at Instagram the end. Of this friction, nothing more, seems now suddenly to be left. “A big Thanks to my Bratan Dieter Bohlen for this hot collaboration,” wrote Capital Bra instead, to his short neck of the cover.