Christian Bale with wife Sibi Blazic at the Berlinale 2019

©imago/Future Image

With the tension of the appearance of Oscar-winner Christian Bale (45, “The Fighter was not expected”) at the Berlinale in 2019. Together with Director Adam McKay (50) he presented his new Film “Vice – The second man”. For his Performance as former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney (78) he is nominated this year in the category “Best actor” for the Oscar. In this country the Film comes out on may 21. February in the cinemas.

At the press conference in the afternoon, Bale was still dressed up casual in Sneakers, to the big Premiere in the evening, he slipped into a black suit and black shirt and had special support for: wife Sibi Blazic (48), he is married since 2000. Fit him perfectly they appeared coordinated in Black. Bale took to the red carpet in time for autographs and impressed not only his Fans. “Cool, likeable and charming”, tweeted about a ZDF editor about the meeting with the Hollywood Star.