the thing with The Gold Steak is for Thomas Müller is the best proof. “With social media it is not so easy,” says the football player.

dealing with the Social Media channels for Top football players is more than ever a balancing act, as well as the recent fuss about an Internet Video of müller’s Bayern teammate Franck Ribéry and its gold-plated piece of meat. The dribble between the authentic Fan near insights into the private life and critical user comments for own goal.

“The society determines what is allowed and what is not,” says Bayern Star Muller, the many millions of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram follow. It will gepöbelt often, and the “all gun”, reported the Munich-based scorer. Due to the anonymity of the threshold decreases. Freiburg coach Christian Streich is also, therefore, even in the social networks on the go. “That to me is too much Aggression,” he told the ZDF.

photos or Videos can quickly lead to a Shitstorm. Footballers are privileged to be paid for in the German professional sports in comparison to the best. Images of the new car, expensive clothes or gold-plated Steaks don’t appeal to everyone. Some of the players acts in this Situation, overwhelmed or self-conscious. “If you have three million Followers, it creates a sense of power,” says the Hamburg-based Digital consultant Martin Fuchs.

The former handball player Stefan Kretzschmar, however, denounced last, for the serious athlete, there is no freedom of expression. Nothing more can say? Nothing more to show?

Fox is in any doubt that football clubs have no influence on what your players post in their Socia Media channels. “I have the feeling that there are many, many years of clear guidelines in professional football, what is allowed and what is not, and the clubs take because of the relatively short leash.”

According to Ulf Baranowsky, managing Director of the football-players ‘ Union VDV, there are in the model contracts of employment of the professionals, a clear set of rules to public Statements of the players. Dealing with these regulations will be handled in practice, but in different ways. “Because of the variety of ways to comment on Social Media, it is, in particular, for smaller Clubs it is not easy to keep control over what individual players post there,” said Baranowsky. Of the German football League, there are no Social Media guidelines, which will be passed on to the clubs.

A number of football-the Bundesliga returns as well as the German Olympic sports Confederation officially no clear-cut guidelines on what is allowed to be posted on the Internet and what not. While the IOC imposes its Olympic athletes to refrain from political Propaganda or advertising, manage a Club like Hoffenheim with a recommendation list. Photos of the newest sports clothes, which do not come from the supplier, should not be published, therefore, better.

The second League-leaders Hamburg SV, the professionals have created a list of penalties. If players post repeated pictures from the cab or the coach, must be deposited in the team Fund.

Who wants to play on his channels on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on a regular basis with new information, pictures and Videos, so a lot of work. This is an expense that many players do not take completely alone. “Top players do not advertise is rare for private sponsors, and therefore your Social Media channels in the rule of consulting the company. Some players content but also themselves,” said Baranowsky. “The players do not need to maintain the Account yourself with the content. He should know what is happening on his channel,” says Fuchs. Otherwise, the next Shitstorm fast.