the Rear glass, on the side of a metal frame, double-camera: For years, Smartphones are always replaceable, even the middle and the beginner’s class, you could be confused visually with the top models. The Smartphone has one of the chosen, you always hear, it is only optimized in Detail. This year seems to be changing – because the manufacturers trust something.

considering the new launches of the currently taking place in the Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC), is striking: None of the shown top models corresponds to the long-established Standard, all have at least one completely new idea, or to put something in his own way.

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The Huawei Mate X folds easily

©Huawei PR cinema Display and Faltscharnier

Sometimes there are only minor changes, such as the Display of the Xperia 1, Sony relies on the unusual 21:9 Format. So movies can be without the edge of the watch, also websites and Apps to show more content without scrolling.

MWC 2019

Mate X: With this Smartphone Huawei Samsung hunts in front of it

By Malte Mansholt

A more radical idea had several manufacturers: the Galaxy Fold, and the Mate X Samsung and Huawei Smartphones have presented that to the Tablet fold. The implementation is, however, the two models are completely different. While Samsung will collapse in its Fold the Display to the inside and the outside of a new screen installed, arches when you Mate X the Display to the entire device, it has front and rear a screen. The Chinese manufacturer Oppo, and Xiaomi showed concepts that work.

Some of the models go the other way. Nubia, also from China, combines in his chunky model Alpha a Smartphone, thanks to its flexible Displays, on your wrist. LG puts in his otherwise traditional-looking Smartphone ThinQ G8 on gesture control without touching the Display. And HMD Global installed Nokia 9, five cameras, and their individual photos are then added to form a single image together.

The pressure is growing

So much Innovation there was in the industry for years, in recent years, narrow Display of goods, margins, and a camera is the Highest of the feelings. The simple reason behind the surge in innovation is likely to be greater pressure on the market. It was enough for good sales figures for a long time, to put the best technology in a fancy case, is not long enough. The devices were better offered, but hardly New. Moreover, because older models are in everyday life is hardly worse, clients are increasingly rare a reason to Upgrade. With the new approaches, the manufacturers hope, therefore, simply to be able to get the attention and the enthusiasm from the beginning of the Smartphone boom in the new fan.

Whether that will be successful. Some approaches, such as foldable Smartphones, is sure to have the right stuff. The mass success of the folding Smartphones the prices beyond the 2000 Euro mark are for sure still in the way. In addition, children’s diseases and problems of the innovative models need to be solved. It will be exciting to see which of the concepts will prove to be in everyday life as a workable, and which sell well. And this is exactly what voltage was it that was missing in the last few years.

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