The greatest gift to 15. Birthday have Facebook by the users: they returned to the Online network, in spite of ever-new unpleasant revelations and Negative headlines, not the back.

So Facebook could be a few days before the anniversary, on 4. February to announce that the number at least once a month active members is to grow in the last quarter, to around 50 million to 2.32 billion.

That was not to be expected necessarily, because even in the last quarter of the year, it rained just so chilling Facebook messages. So the platform had to admit in October that an unknown Hacker may have access to location data from around 14 million users.

Facebook deleted again from the Russia-controlled Accounts, which wanted to influence the U.S. congressional elections. Of British members of Parliament released internal E-Mails signed an unflattering picture of the Facebook leadership. And this is only a selection.

all of this Was really without a trace, made at least some users in Europe and the USA, their Facebook Accounts, sealing, wanted to know an Analyst after submission of the quarterly figures. “I would let the Numbers simply speak for itself”, chief financial officer Dave Wehner say casual. And the Numbers show that Even in Europe, where Facebook had lost in the two preceding quarters, each of a Million users, there was now a jump from 375 to 381 million users. Approximately 282 million were even on a daily basis.

many users – and their data – secure the advertising revenues. The quarterly revenue jumped 30 percent to 16.6 billion dollars. “Most of the advertising clients of Facebook are aware of no other place where your investments are as efficient,” said Analyst Rich Greenfield of the financial firm BTIG the financial service Bloomberg. Facebook knows so much about its members that it can serve accurately to the right audiences. This is a blinding deal for the Online network itself: Facebook 6.9 billion dollars as the profit in the Fund remained hanging.

a Total of 2.7 billion users have access now to at least one service from the house of Facebook. Even those who leave Facebook, the group: So the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, gave up a few days ago with their Facebook Account but remained at Instagram.

At the same time, Facebook needs to adjust its business, as the Online network itself acknowledges. The users come to Facebook and the photo platform Instagram and the chat service WhatsApp, which also belong to the group – but their behavior changes. The so-called “Stories”, which makes photos and Videos a day for friends available, are quickly growing in popularity. In the case of Instagram, 500 million users access the function on a daily basis. Only: Facebook is in the process of display space in the “Stories”formats. Of the total of seven million advertising customers, two million in the “Stories only” is active.

This shows how quickly Facebook has to move, but also how adaptable the Online network in the past 15 years has proven. Instagram and WhatsApp were bought before could Facebook be dangerous. The founder of the photo service Snapchat rolled out a Takeover bid and ended up with the “Stories” as the first Hit. Facebook you copied short-hand for all of his products and sent a Snapchat in the crisis.

Facebook itself is, according to the most recent neck strikes and scandals more humble than in the past. 10. Anniversary speech the founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg of the “responsibility” to bring the remaining two-thirds of the world’s population to the Internet. The high-sounding plans to achieve, among other things, with satellites and drones, were. And Facebook could never escape the accusation, the Online network wants to bring the people actually in the network, in order to get more users.

The ambitions are to become – of necessity – small. 10. Anniversary announced Zuckeberg, in his second decade of Facebook will help with even more resources to solve bigger and more important problems. In the meantime, it is important for him to “fix Facebook”, so that the platform will not be used for the Manipulation of elections, such as in the United States, or of incitement to genocide, such as in Myanmar.