Facebook has been in Indonesia before the presidential election on may 17. April, the publication of election advertising is prohibited, which is financed from abroad.

in order for a foreign interference should be prevented on the vote, announced the Online network on Monday. Prior to the parliamentary elections in Canada in the autumn, the Internet giant Google also announced restrictions.

The Facebook ban in Indonesia will apply for any advertising which refers to politicians or political parties, as well as on the Attempts of people to the choice to ask, or you to stop. The Review of the Show and commercials will be done both by machine as well as of employees, it said.

In Indonesia, takes to the incumbent, Joko Widodo in the upcoming presidential election against the former General Prabowo Subianto, who was inferior to him as early as 2014. There was in the election battle between the political Camps to violent quarrels.

The Russian Embassy in Jakarta, had disputed, in February an interference of Moscow in the current election campaign, after Joko had accused the opposing camp of “Russian Propaganda”. The Opposition accuses the President, however, too great a proximity to China.

In the run-up of several important elections in the Asia-Pacific Region, Facebook plans to own information in addition, a new Headquarters in Singapore, against Election manipulation, false news and hate speech on the Internet.

In Europe, stopped Facebook in January of election advertising from abroad in Ukraine with a view to the 31. March upcoming presidential election. For the elections to the European Parliament in may, Facebook promises the introduction of transparency measures that are already in the United States.

heard so far, among other things, that anyone who wants to advertise with political content, must indicate his identity and his location. In addition, the Displays should be stored in a publicly accessible database for up to seven years. Facebook had come under criticism after Russia powered Propaganda campaigns were in the Wake of the US presidential election campaign 2016.

Google, for its part, wants to be in front of the Parliament election in Canada, the latest on 21. October is supposed to take place on election advertising on its platforms without. It was as good as impossible to comply with the new transparency rules, founded the company in canadian media reports from Tuesday, according to his step.

in December, a law stipulates that Internet platforms should maintain a Register of all published political Ads. Since the View would automatically be switched, could Google know which advertisements the customer would get to see, argued the group.