EACL’s plan to host eSports Single Tournaments by May

Leader Bulletin, a local news and media company, reports EACL’s plan to release beta version for eSports single tournament ecosystem.

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eSports Background

By now there is no denying that eSports is a booming business. With over 2.2 Billion gamers in the world eSports is set to bring in an annual revenue of $1.1 Billion this year. While more opportunities are opening up for players at the top level of eSports competition, amateur players are hungry for that same feeling of competition. The EACL’s mission is to bring that fun competition aspect to amateurs, while providing a gateway for amateur gamers to compete in collegiate and professional eSports.

A League Not Another Tournament Site

The EACL is focused on being a League for amateur gamers and not just another tournament site. The league is designed for your everyday gamer as well as those gamers looking to go pro but need to hone their skills first. The league rewards casual gamers for playing against advanced players at the same time rewards advanced gamers for playing against less skilled players. It is a win-win for both types of gamers. Casual gamers and low-level amateurs are able to compete internationally against players of like skill levels.

The Benefits of a League

When you are part of the EACL you are part of a thriving eSports ecosystem. Here you will be able to track your skill level, engage with friends, keep up on eSports news, improve your gaming skills, and have a chance to win prize money. The EACL has an emphasis on brining a nontoxic environment were players are encouraged to be the best gamer they can be. We pride ourselves on bringing gamers a fun and competitive atmosphere for all skill levels.

A Better Tournament Structure

On other gaming tournament sites there is usually a $10-$30 entry fee. You are then randomly matched against other players. It is very unlikely to be matched against another gamer close to your skill level. This creates lopsided games, thus making it almost impossible for your average gamer to advance to later rounds. Often times your average gamer is eliminated in the first round and never gets the opportunity to compete in later rounds. The prize money is awarded to the very few top skill level players. This takes the fun out of being able to compete and having a chance to actually win prize money.

The EACL fixes this lopsided tournament structure. Each month the EACL hosts an open round robin play that leads into a 16 bracket qualifying tournament. The qualifying tournament is used to help gather the skill level of the players. Once this is completed the players are entered into a matched skill play 16 bracket tournament. The winner of the second round advances to a 8 bracket matched skilled play for the championship. Any given player only needs to win 11 rounds to get to the prize money. An added bonus is even if you don’t happen to win a tournament everyone qualifies to compete in the EACL Annual Regional Tournament.

What’s Next for the EACL

The EACL plans to roll out their Beta Version in May of 2019. The EACL will host online tournaments with prizes up to $1,000 for a single tournament. Prize money will be paid to the winners in 72 Hours or less. The EACL will add up to 12,000 new casual and low-level amateur cash payout tournaments to the eSports ecosystem. With a focus on amateur gaming, matched skill level tournaments, an exciting league atmosphere, and huge prize pots, the EACL plans to have a major presence in eSports in 2019.

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