I must admit that I gifts at Christmas, more horror because of joy. How bad pedestrian zones are in the Christmas season, I need to talk to anyone. Nevertheless, it gives, of course, finally, you want to make the other Yes, quite a joy. Since you can actually buy everything online, has become my Christmas-sorry, after all, more bearable. And still, I should have the most important gift this year prefer to buy offline.

I had brought with me to meet my wife, your dearest wish, without you even knowing it. Not so easy, if you are due to work no time for shop visits, many of the Accounts in Online sharing Shops, and also the packets to accept. The Ring, the Drama revolves, was also only in a Shop that is only open to my working hours. And: There are only a few models were left. Even if I would have otherwise wanted, you left me no choice: I had to strike. Of course, under special secrecy.

Shopping Online

Online trading, no thank you: Why I will buy again in the Store

secrecy is everything

That worked initially quite well. As my wife was already in bed, have a degree, I secretly one of her rings the next day at work, I put the long-awaited model in the shopping cart. Thus, the gift is not blown at the time of delivery, I chose the Option, the Ring in the Shop to pick up. The idea: So I just need one evening, if it fits in time, let go earlier, and the Ring just before closing to pick up. The best of the Online and Offline world. I can have my pick of the evening is flexible, the Ring is definitely in stock, my wife has not Accidentally left the package in the Hand. A perfect Coup, I thought.

But if we have a Heist-film à la “ocean’s 11” and learned that Even the best Plan can fail as a result of small wrong decisions. For me it was the choice of the payment method. To settle, instead of simply at the time of pickup with Cash, card or perhaps even Apple Pay my bill, I wanted to bring the same behind me – and decided to go for the payment via Paypal. I wanted to exclude, so even sources of error: If everything is already paid for, can make me not card operating readers or a lack of cash, a dash through the bill, my thought.

shopping how for Grammy

I have paid in Rewe with Paypal and noticed that I was in the stone age

By Malte Mans live Snitch Paypal

But the decision, retaliated almost immediately. What I didn’t know: My wife was just about to unlock our daughter’s home, the iPad – and got jumped by the eintrudel the payment notification from the Paypal App in a sense. You saw the name of the shop and knew immediately what I had bought. Finally, she has wanted this Ring explicitly.

I was busted and knew none of this until my beloved wife in the Evening confessed to what had happened. After all, the Drama was limited. Just because you know of a gift, you can look forward, finally, still. Danny Ocean would have been still disappointed. “Imagine, you could have bought something for your mistress”, I was raised by the colleagues on the next day. For crafty jewel thief steels or secret love cover-up I’m not done. The next Time I pay so dear bar. Finally, the Surprise is under the tree at least as important as the gift itself.

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