The Show, “The perfect jungle Dinner”, which was seen on Sunday evening at Vox, caused a lot of excitement. The reason: Doreen Dietel, and it is the entertainment of their former jungle camp-mates, Domenico de Cicco, Sandra kiriasis and her and Chris töpperwien with the Hygiene not so exactly taken.

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“The perfect jungle Dinner”

curry sausage, Klogespräche and for dessert, a half-naked snake dancer

Dietel, who won the Show at the end, had to listen to it on Facebook and Instagram a lot, after among other things to see was how you fell when you cook a piece of beetroot from the mouth into the food for your guests: “She pushes the lime with your teeth, get the honey with the fingers out and lets food out of your mouth in the bowl! Simply unbelievable!” summarizes a User on Facebook. “Ms. Dietel has harmed very, incredibly, how to prepare a meal and eat”, it said, among other things, also. “Doreen has won the largest piglets in the group, and After this show you have no guests” were reported by other viewers.

Doreen Dietel explains her behaviour on Instagram

The excitement, however, was apparently completely in vain. Doreen Dietel expressed themselves via Instagram and wrote: “Hey Leuuuute, all found it disgusting… it’s all Show fun… the Comedy was… well, stay loose, okay ???”

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Hey Leuuuute, all found it disgusting… it’s all SHOW fun… the Comedy was… well, stay loose, okay ??? Love you,

A post shared by Doreen Dietel (@doreen_dietel) on Mar 31, 2019 at 12:34pm PDT

In an Instagram Story, she explained her behavior: “You do not Express the lime with his mouth, but I had no juice press on Hand, and I also found a spoon, because I am, as never told in the kitchen – thank God! If a Steffen Henssler would do, you would have applauded and laughed. I work clean and I can’t be arsed to justify myself.”

Even from their comrades-in-arms, it was after the broadcast, no shocked comments: “So I found it very entertaining, for me the four fun days with great people. I do not begrudge it Doreen Dietel, she has mastered the perfect Dinner,” wrote Domenico de Cicco on Instagram. Of the “sausage man” Chris Töpperwien, there is also no scolding: He posted his two dogs, “exhausted” by the “jungle Dinner” look. Sandra kiriasis and her expressed gratitude, however, is simply the Team of the show, “we had a really nice week!!!”