The British filmmaker Nicolas Roeg is dead. The BBC and the Reuters news Agency reports citing his family. 15. August was Roeg became 90 years old.

Roegs career lasted over 60 years. His most famous work in the horror film “When the gondolas wear mourning” from the year 1973. Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland play the grieving parents, who think they see their dead daughter on a trip to Venice. The Film sparked controversy for the time, explicit sex scenes.

Born in 1928 in London, worked his way up Roeg in the film studios to his parents ‘ house from the errand boy to camera assistant, and finally turned as a camera man in the Second Unit for David Lean’s “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962). The Film won the 1963-seven Oscars including the Oscar for the best camera.

During the shooting of “doctor Zhivago” (1965) clashed Roeg, however, with Lean, led, directed, and was fired. Then he filmed classics like Francois Truffaut’s “Fahrenheit 451” (1966) and John Schlesinger’s “The lady of Thornhill” (1967).

movies with Mick Jagger and David Bowie

Roegs first work as a Director of the psychedelic gangster film “Performance”, in which he shared the task with Donald Cammell. In the Film, Mick was at the same time Jagger, debut, front man of the Rolling Stones, his acting. The Film Cammell wrote the screenplay, turned to violence and drugs abuse to such an extent that the film Studio Goodtimes Enterprises released him only two years after the beginning of shooting in the hire of Warner Brothers.

“Performace” is also because of the sexual experiments of the main characters and by Roegs unusual jumps between reality and the surreal drug attention dream.

Also in “The man who fell to earth”, Roeg with a size of show business: The beginning of 2016, the deceased David Bowie played the main role. Bowie, Thomas Jerome Newton appeared as a humanoid Alien who crashes in New Mexico on the earth, and first of all, as a successful business man established, but later through love and envy perish.

In the Australian Drama “Walkabout” (1971) established Roeg his visionary Assembly technique; at the box office, the Film flopped, however.

“I’ve never tried to improve my reputation,” said Roeg once the “Telegraph”. “I gehangelt never high. So something doesn’t interest me at all.”