If Banking is Online, you can’t be careful enough – so we get it again and again eingebleut. The customers are torturing themselves partly still SMS-Tan, but they may not arrive on the Smartphone, and are afraid of Phishing and hacking via Trojan. Some hackers, however, are much more – and the money directly at the Bank.

This is about the Banco de México, Banxico called, happens. Between 300 and 400 million Pesos Hacker to have captured last spring, are about 15 to 20 million euros. At a conference now, the refined methods were declared behind this in detail.

military intelligence

So captured Chinese hackers data on the top-secret U.S. weapon, “Sea Dragon”

the Hacker went By Gernot Kramper Invented Transfers

First of all, the classic. Probably about targeted Phishing attacks on individual employees or executives, the hackers got into the System. From there they worked their way deeper and deeper into the System. In the end, they managed to crack even the System, the Transfers have been confirmed, SPEI -, and finally were able to make even Transfers of accounts, which they had invented themselves.

and Then were broken all the dams. In small Transfers from some ten thousand Pesos they always sent the money from the fictitious accounts to which they had set up anonymously. “MEMORY sends and receives every day millions and millions of Pesos. The amounts were too small to be noticed,” said Loza, according to “Wired”. Then you sent errand boys to this to withdraw money from the machine. For the withdrawal of hundreds of errand boy, must have been in use, estimates of the expert.

of planning

While the withdrawals were carried out in a very short period of time, to be able to as much as possible to take, the Hacker for the actual attack a lot of time. Months or even years of planning it must have, according to Loza the cost of the operation of the Mexican banking system investigate, to find the loopholes and then exploit them. A big hurdle is the banks weren’t going well: you were part of aware of even basic safety rules, it is up to the attackers in order particularly easily made.

Who is behind it, is not finally clarified. In the suspicion of North Korea’s hacker force Lazarus is only in the last year, an Insider had unpacked, Kim Jong-UN’s Regime with cyber-attacks earned millions. However, an independent group could stand behind it. With stolen millions can finally start only dictatorships something.

source : Wired

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