With a passionate Talk about the Fansein and Fanwerden entire evenings to fill, catch layers are also life stories. Who is born in Dortmund, has actually no choice about his club. There are Gladbach fans from Dresden, who can tell the story of how they landed in the eye of the Stasi, just because you pushed a Club from the West of the thumb. And Bayern fans actually have an interesting history of Europe, which has nothing to do with Wins?

Fansein is a task for life, but at the same time, the best escape from Everyday life, one can wish. If you are sure, what your club is, then you can check with our Club-O-Mat again. You are one of the four people in Germany that do not yet have a Club? Or are you after this world Cup one of the most Desperate, the see your Fandasein put to the test and want to fall in love? We have something for you. In our Club-O-Mat you can find, as in previous years, which club really. 15 questions, 15 answers, a shock. Or not.