Cash is king. This sentence still applies in Germany: The jingling of money might be occasionally annoying and large Bills, most of them prefer not in the wallet, but the majority of Germans do not want to do without the beloved cash. Already some providers have tried to love these cool, including banks and mobile service providers. You all have failed so far. Now Apple dares to take a further start-up: this week, the payment service Apple Pay, four years after the launch in the US was launched in Germany, half a year after the Start of the competitors Google Pay.

At the first use on: Apple Pay is pretty damn simple. In order to pay for his supermarket shopping, you have to do nothing more to hold than the iPhone or the Apple Watch to the POS terminal. A movement of the hand, it makes Pling, and the bill is paid. The Whole thing is spectacularly unspectacular. But it is precisely this simplicity should make the payment service to success, including Jennifer Bailey is convinced. The star met with Apple’s Senior Vice President for Internet Services and Apple Pay at the presentation in Munich.

Mobile payment

Apple Pay launches in Germany – you Bailey

By Malte Mans knowledge brings Apple Pay-Boss: “The German privacy is very important,”

“As we have developed Apple Pay, we focused on three things: simplicity, security, and privacy”, explained. She holds a contactless payment for more convenient than cash, finally, you have the Smartphone or the Smartwatch every day. That offers Germany is a particularly challenging market, she realizes: “I know that the German users’ privacy is very important. We don’t have built in Apple Pay so that we know when you bought what, where, and how much you paid for it.” Apple itself stresses, to store any data of the payment process on its servers, in contrast to Google (here you can read the small print).

many Germans are still timid when you Pay with the Smartphone, a study by the Bundesbank, according to a unique reason: consumers trust the technology, even think it’s unsafe. In this case, this concern is unfounded. Banks and payment service providers such as Mastercard rates and even Pay less.

“The mobile payment is actually a contactless card payments, only via the Smartphone. The card data will be encrypted, Apple Pay is a virtual card number is stored,” says Matthias Hach, member of the management Board of comdirect, which belongs to the first twelve participating banks in Germany. In addition, any payment with biometric features – face, or a fingerprint, or a PIN must be confirmed, which increases the security.


For years, FC Bayern is the Partner of Apple. “Now you can pay at all the kiosks and stores with Apple Pay, Debit and credit cards,” says Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (right), CEO of FC Bayern.

©Christoph Fröhlich Apple Pay: More than just a purse

Virtually is Paying with a Smartphone, in any case, a Revolution, but it is not. Because, in the meantime, customers can also pay with a Girocard contactless payment at the checkout. This is just as nimbly as with the telephone, one must, of course, also first out of the bag.

Apple needs to offer more than a digital wallet: “in the long term, we want to replace the wallet. And we do a lot of it to do that,” says Bailey. In Berlin and Osnabrück, the payment service is integrated for example in transport applications, as well as Flixbus and Mytaxi. When more cities and services to follow, is not known. However, the Apple Manager promises: “We will provide more and more ways to encourage people to go and sometime your wallet at home and get things done with your Smartphone.”

payment service launches in Germany

Apple Pay: I’ve been using it for months and never want to go back

By Malte Mans The digital stadium

Holt looks Like the one in the large style you can 19. December to examine during a home game of FC Bayern Munich against RB Leipzig. “We have invested continuously in recent years in the modernity and digitalization of the stadium,” says Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CEO of FC Bayern. His club has for years been a Partner of Apple, now the relationship to the next Level. “Now you can pay at all the kiosks and stores with Apple Pay, Debit and credit cards”. Users without an iPhone can also pay using Google Pay or any credit, Debit or Girocard with the Contactless payment function. Only in the blocks, even the pretzels or the beer can continue to be paid only with cash. . The Problem is to address the Association in the coming year.

Apple has opened the short-range Radio Chip (NFC) on the iPhone, but for a different function: “From now on, there will be a so-called NFC-Tickets,” explained Rummenigge. Similar to boarding passes of airlines you can check – in with the iPhone directly on the inlet of a novelty in the Bundesliga. This is not only easier, but “ensures more safety. Lately we often had Trouble with counterfeit, black-market Tickets. This is possible with the new System. Thus, it is for Fans, safer, and easier to get into the stadium.” There are still some open questions, such as the transfer of Tickets purchased, but in principle the technique for the Ticket is likely to be industry, especially for concert promoter, very exciting.

Other banks have come …

The potential of Apple Pay is great, the Start is promising. Deutsche Bank reported on the first day according to their own statements, part of a high three-digit registration for the payment service – per Minute. Also, the Hypo Vereinsbank speaks of a great demand and expects a significant acquisition of new customers. The interest should continue, it is likely to be only a matter of time before other banks follow suit.

This is also urgently necessary, if Apple wants to advance the Pay from the niche to the mass market. Because so far, only a few institutions are on Board. Not about the savings banks, people’s banks or direct banks such as ING, all of which have in Germany a lot of customers. iPhone users of these banks would have to resort to Bank-independent services, such as Boon, but so much effort is likely to make only the least. Apple must now convince. After all: In the coming year, other banks, such as DKB, ING and Consors.

Apple-Manager Bailey did not exclude that in the futuretig is also the in Germany popular Girocard (formerly EC-card) is supported: “We look at the existing payment systems in the countries.” When it is to the extent, however, is unclear. On demand of the star, some banks said that they aim for the summer or even the fall of 2019. In the end the customers will decide if you Mobile Payment enough offers more value, if you change the Bank, the cell phone provider, or just wait.


in the long term, this App is the wallet

©Christoph replace Cheerful … and new incentives

the wallet to replace, Apple will need to expand its range of services in many respects. This also includes the Integration of the most important theatres, cinema chains and Event Locations include, in addition to other transport services. A convincing Argument could also be the Integration of loyalty programs such as Payback, the Cinemaxx, Starbucks and Subway bonus card or Ikea Family. If users with Apple pay Pay at the cash register, would then be automatically credited with the corresponding bonus points. That would actually be more convenient than using multiple cards at the cashier tamper, and only once.

In the United States, Japan or Australia, the group is already working with large retail chains. “For Germany, we can announce, but still no Partner in terms of Apple Pay,” explains Bailey. They wanted long-term support, but in this country the services. The most famous is Payback with more than 30 million active users.

Apple Pay provides for changes in the E-Commerce

What is often forgotten: Apple Pay works not only in retail stores, but also online, however, for safety reasons, only in the Safari Browser. Shops can integrate the payment service directly, so that you can pay for on the iPad or Mac with one click. This saves you Creating a new customer account, which in turn lowers the barrier to Order. Traders will be able to reach new target groups, however, the customer is difficult to bond. After all, who pays with Apple Pay, probably not in any customer Account. Here traders must provide long-term incentives to do it yet.