Cupertino (dpa) – Apple is building a billion Dollar in a new major location for up to 15,000 employees in the United States.

The iPhone-the group opted for the city of Austin, Texas, where he already has 6200 Employees.

in addition, the group intends to open new offices in Seattle and the California cities of San Diego and Culver City, and current locations in Pittsburgh and New York to expand. Apple in Austin is already a factory in the since 2013, the Computer, the Mac Pro is built.

Apple had chosen months the city of for a new large location and Austin was already considered as a promising candidate. Unlike Amazon, in a similar search of the iPhone had omitted group on a public campaign with the applications of the interested cities.

Amazon finally decided on Long Island City in the New York city borough of Queens and to Arlington in the U.S. state of Virginia, and thus against one of the many structurally weak regions, the hopes for an economic boost.

To the Amazon site decision to include billions in tax breaks, Apple did not provide information on this topic. At the same time, the new office could provide a note on plans of the group. Culver City is a center of Film and television production – and Apple underpinned the ambitions in producing their own content for a streaming service.

In Texas San Diego – approximately 320 kilometers from Austin, has the chip group Qualcomm has its headquarters, Apple is in the Clinch. Apple builds its own chip development in more and more product categories, and in the media reports was it was told already that the group of advertising also reinforces Qualcomm.