On the 25. March: On an Event in the Steve Jobs theatre in Cupertino, Tim Cook, will present on stage at Apple’s latest creations. The group revealed in invitations sent to selected persons. What’s behind it, remains a secret – but the invitation is a clear indication.

they point to the announcement of Apple’s long-anticipated video streaming service. “It’s show time” it says on the picture in the invitation, for some, a short Clip seems to be to see, in the classic cinema style of 4 is counted down to reveal at the end of the Apple Logo.

a Streaming service and a News App

plans for a service was suggested by Apple several times already. In recent years, high-profile TV and a series of experts have been set, should implement its own productions for the service. A “Game of Thrones” you may not expect: Apple is planning according to all Reports, to make the service “family”. Specifically, this is likely to mean an age assessment, up to twelve years.

The rumours suggest that Apple is planning even more innovations. So in Germany, not yet available, the News App is designed to be extended via a subscription rate to paid content. According to the rumors, you would have to pay about ten euros to all participating Newspapers. What will be, will be exciting. According to reports, major Newspapers like the “wall street Journal” or the “New York Times, showed” little enthusiasm of Apple’s subscription fee. The group intends to submit, therefore, 50 percent of the revenue once.


Who hopes that the new Hardware will be disappointed by the Event. Although with the new Airpods, revised iPads, the charging Mat Airpower and a new iPod Touch for the near future, an enormous number of devices performances are expected, the rumors agree that there will be at the Event, no new Hardware. Whether the devices will then be presented at a separate Event, or simply in Apple’s Store are popping up, must show.
An Event that is focused on Services, however, would fit perfectly into Apple’s current strategy. Since the sales of the iPhones do not grow nearly as quickly as in the past, and in some cases even decline, has chosen the group, the Service division as a new beacon of hope. With success: even Though Apple enters the bulk of its revenue with Hardware, the Services, including Cloud services and the App Store, by far the fastest-growing division.