Apple has sold in the past Christmas business, according to the calculations of market researchers, a good ten million Computer-watches.

in order for the 2015, held the Apple Watch led to a share of almost 60 percent of the Smartwatch market, as Figures from the analysis firm IDC. In recent years, many watch-brands competing devices with a Version of the Google operating system Android on the market. Unlike Smartphones conquered Android Wear, but the bulk of the market. With Fitness bands, the Chinese company Xiaomi is strong, from around one third of these devices had come, wrote IDC.

IDC analyzed in the report published on Tuesday, the entire device category of the so-called ‘Wearables’ – body-portable Mini-devices. This includes, for example, the cable to be counted and wireless earphones. Apple will see the market researchers, not least thanks to the AirPods headphones overall, in front, with 16.2 million devices sold in the last quarter. Xiaomi follows in second place with 7.5 million devices,

Huawei advanced with 5.7 million devices in the third place – among other things because Smartphones had been sold in bundle with Wearables such as earphones. On rank four IDC sees the fitness band-pioneer Fitbit (5.5 million units sold) Samsung (4 million units).