Nude photos have long been a popular means of pressure. The past, intelligence services used, they are used today by Ex-partners or hackers to blackmail people, or a ransom, you see. A blackmail attempt on Amazon-Chef Bezos is now started, however vigorously to the rear. The closely with President Donald Trump joined Boulevard magazine “National Enquirer” wanted to be buried is actually a unpleasant history – and got her more limelight.

Because Jeff Bezos doesn’t want to be blackmailed, he writes in a Post at “Medium”. “They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – the people thought the National Enquirer, at least,” explains Bezos. “I’m glad you thought that, because it encouraged you, all of this in writing, send the form to me.” And so he decided to bring the whole thing yourself in Public.


Donald Trump has eaten to Amazon boss Jeff Bezos a fool

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has naked photos of Jeff Bezos Cheating

It seems it is quite embarrassing Details from Bezos’ personal life. His published emails, according to the “Enquirer wants to have” at least nine intimate photos of Bezos and his Beloved Laura Sanchez, some of them naked, therefore, Bezos, or in excited state. The images seem to be together with is already published by the newspaper Chat to be the paths is captured.

Jeff Bezos

the divorce of the billion-loss?


Now publish the images to, could not be in Bezos’ interest, suggest the e-Mails that were sent from the publisher of the “National Enquirer”, the company American Media, in short, AMI, Bezos’ people. The offer: You would refrain from publishing – when the Amazon boss to certain conditions would be willing. He should speak publicly of the reporting of his newspaper “Washington Post” that the “Enquirer” would be politically operate influenced reporting. An accusation that Trump does against the of Bezos-powered “Washington Post”.

Failed extortion

Specifically, AMI probably to reports, the Enquirer editor and publisher of Trump Trusted David Pecker because of the friendly reporting on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a very large, close to the Saudi Royal house. In addition, he is said to have repeatedly helped President Donald Trump, to return dirty stories under the table. So about Karen McDougal is said to have received $ 150,000 for the exclusive rights over her affair with Trump paid to the history of bury. By these and similar stories resulting impression of the political control of the “Enquirer” seems to want now, with Bezos’ Statement finish.

Jeff Bezos

this Is TV presenter of his new love?


extortion is likely to achieve the opposite. Bezos, after all, the richest man in the world, the one in the Mail right to clear a threat, you would expose with the naked photos as a bad leader, very decided. He had made Amazon by hand to one of the most valuable companies in the world, just to have achieved record profits, he writes self-consciously. “I’ll let time speak for itself.” His marriage is not good also for extortion: Bezos and his wife MacKenzie have submitted at the beginning of the year of the divorce. And so he asks: “If someone in my Position can’t fight back against something like that, then who is?”

where are the pictures?

Like the “National Enquirer” on the Chat history was, is not proved, but there is a clear suspect: Michael Sanchez, brother of Laura Sanchez, is seen as a big Trump Fan and also had personal and business contacts with Trump-Familiar, such as with Carter, Page and Roger Stone. The latter was arrested last week for his role in the Russia-affair of trump’s campaign team.

From “The Daily Beast,” Sanchez mentioned, wrote Stone at the end of January: “I know Michael Sanchez – a very good guy.” In the further course he should have without being asked, denied to have Bezos’ cell phone hacked. As a him for “The Daily Beast” pointed out that the neither under, nor have asked for, Stone replied: “Now it’s your turn. You are not a real Journalist. None of what you write to believe, anyway.”

Jeff Bezos: Clear words against extortion

Bezos sees the Ball well anyway, when “the Enquirer”. “Of course I don’t want these personal photos will be published. But I’m also not to the well-known practices (the Enquirers), such as extortion, political favors, political attacks and corruption to participate. I turn around, preferring the rotten trunk shortly and see what’s crawling underneath.” The Enquirer, he throws to break with the methods against every journalistic Standard.

Personal feud with Jeff Bezos?

Trump attack costs Amazon billions already


trump’s accusation that Bezos “Washington Post” language as a political pipe used, it is, by the way. “The fact that I own the “Washington Post, makes things for me more complicated. It can not be avoided that powerful people in the newspaper, it is reported, derive, incorrectly, that I was her enemy. Donald Trump is one of them, as he has shown in many Tweets.” Nevertheless, he does not regret the purchase. “My responsibility for the ‘Washington Post’ and my support of their Mission, is one of the things I will be most with 90 years in the pride. To life if I am lucky, as long as.”

sources: media, The Daily Beast. New York Times

Meeting with Bezos and co.

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