The video games provider Activision Blizzard builds in a large scale, because the business will be run this year in sight weaker.

The company wants to focus more on lucrative titles like “Call of Duty”, “Candy Crush”, “Overwatch” or “Diablo”. The number of developers working to Play at such a Top should rise by a fifth, said Activision Blizzard on Tuesday. At the same time, the group wants to underline, however, about eight percent of the jobs.

The austerity measures are expected to meet less successful projects, as well as management and sales, said Activision Blizzard. The tag will debit the balance expected to be $ 150 million before taxes.

The company had completed in the past Christmas quarter and the year as a whole, with its highest revenues, set for 2019 but a break-in in prospect.

Was generated last year a turnover of 7.5 billion dollars, should it be in this, only 6 billion dollars. Industry observers suggest that the decline is also an effect of the popular Online game “Fortnite” of the competitors Epic Games. The industry is responding: The rival Electronic Arts has already a response to “Fortnite” under the title of “Apex Legends” in the program.