The encounter with F_MU1 and the permission to photograph them, was one of the biggest honors in his career, writes of the Wildlife photographer Wants. Burrard-Lucas in his Blog F_MU1 not believe the unromantic Codename for a cow elephant at the sight of Burrard-Lucas, to believe his eyes: Tusks so long that they remind me almost of their predecessors, the mammoths,. More than 60 years, the elephant cow has led a peaceful life in Tsavo, where the photographer has taken, in partnership with the wildlife protection organization, the Tsavo Trust and the Kenya Wildlife Service. Tsavo is in Kenya between Nairobi and Mombasa. Burrard-Lucas has probably made the last pictures of the giant elephant lady, who died a short time later of natural causes. They had survived the times of the terrible poaching, so it is already a victory was not that they died in a trap, hit by a bullet or by a toxic arrow shot.

“Land of Giants” – a weighty band

British photographer has photographed the giant elephant for a classic coffee-table book. The beauty of the extremely rare animals generates in the viewer great humility towards nature. It took a few days, until the team of researchers Tembo 2 had identified the elephant in a Wilderness as big as Switzerland with the plane. Burrard-Lucas, who was a part of the team in the Land Rover on the road, describes his first encounter: “Through the bushes I caught a glimpse of an elephant’s back and seconds later they stepped out into the open terrain. I was speechless.” She was thin and old, but with stately grace progressed.

On the 20. March appears to be the “Land of Giants”, the new book by Will Burrard-Lucas, to see his pictures of the “Giant Tusk”elephant. (Each Tusk weighs 100 pounds.) You are the last of their kind, less than 20 exist worldwide, and nearly half of them lives in Tsavo.

On his Facebook and Instagram page the other wildlife-photographs of the British watch.