It sounds like a classic Job posting: companies are looking for on Ebay-classifieds or Job portals for employees in part – time or full-time in the Home Office. In some instances, the search can be written directly as a response to their requests. The offers are written in proper English, look serious. But behind it is a tough rip-off is mesh, at the end of the applicant open a Bank account under your own name – without knowing anything about it.

Prior to that, the non-profit Association “Watchlist Internet warns”. Thus, a supposed companies such as “CEBIT GmbH contact in Germany and Austria,” in job seekers. The offers appear to be realistic, a Affected have been offered for 20 hours a week in a Home Office 1549,99 Euro gross on a monthly basis. No amounts so that you draw immediate suspicion would.

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key services: Once open the door will cost 1240 Euro a star reader told

By Daniel Bakir So the Scam works mesh

by the time the next step you should be suspicious. The company requires all personal data of the applicant, such as address and marital status, in addition, it is argued, to require a Scan of the identity card. Not on the grounds that it would be due to the Home Office to make a personal application. To send this data to the Unknown, in itself, would be dangerous enough. But they are only a prelude to the real target.

The new employees will now be led to believe-namely, you should test the Video-identification of banks. Known about cases in N26. You will be taught to identify themselves not as a Tester. What is the “Tester” don’t know: In the Background the fraudsters have actually opened an account under the name of the victim – and it is now officially in the Bank to confirm. The staff of the Video-Ident-service guessed nothing of this, the Bank believes, to have an ordinary customer. And the scammers are not able to operate at the end of officially have an account under the name of the victim, the suspects.


Fake Facebook Profiles: attack of the clone-friends

By Malte Mansholt Dangerous accounts

Busted is explained to the mesh by accident, Declan Hiscox of “Watchlist Internet”. “Probably by a mistake of the cheater one of the victims had received a debit card for the new account in the Post office and the police contacted.” The rip-off prior to the registration of the account is very conscientious. “You put even a real-sounding E-Mail addresses for each victim,” says Hiscox.

the accounts can be a lot of shenanigans. Particularly dramatic is a use for money laundering is about, you can bring the Affected even legal Trouble if the police come after her. Also the Set up and take Advantage of the overdraft loan, are conceivable. The victims were then on the debt and a lower credit rating sit. Who is fallen on the mesh in, you should therefore apply as soon as possible to the police and the Bank.

The Association warns accordingly in front of it, to send Personal documents to strangers. You should not come for a job application or similar past, recommends a “Watchlist Internet” to put a watermark on the Scan, the call is clear to the recipient of the document and the date. So the Scan is for Criminals to be worthless. How to put such a watermark, you can find here.

source: Watchlist

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