Daniel Craig and Vin Diesel margins the moviegoers a bit longer on torture

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So rapid is the Action, so leisurely in the cinema start: Who to Daniel Craig’s (50) final “James Bond”Film, or questioning Vin Diesel (51) in “Fast & Furious 9”, this will have to do for a while longer. Because both of the Blockbuster-in-waiting were moved by the respective film studios, MGM or Universal for a couple of months back, reported the U.S. side, “The Hollywood Reporter”.

Originally, Bond 25″ on 14″. February 2020, the new date is now but about two months later, on 10. April. In April, in turn, the cars of the new “Fast & Furious would have actually”part on the canvas to hunt, but they, too, are in the Blockbuster jam. A new Start was therefore now the 22. In may 2020. As the heavyweights go, so continue to be out of the way in order to Woo the audience’s favor.

Craig’s farewell”Bond” is directed by “True Detective”-filmmaker Cary Fukunaga. “Furious 9” from Justin Lin, who was already sitting in four of the previous parts in the Director’s chair.