sex in rehab

Sexuality is at the core of the human race’s life. Even though, as a society, we are not trained to talk openly and honestly about sex. Nevertheless, we grow up understanding and knowing, intrinsically, the need we have for sex and the roles it plays, with one of its primary functions being procreation, and let’s be real – pleasure.

 As a civilization, not only are the human race is not only discouraged from talking about the pleasure that sex brings them; they are also led to recognize the disadvantages of obtaining too much happiness. However, the lack of ability to openly admit things that bring humans pleasure may also cause many to misuse those same things. 

 Hedonistic is defined as to throw oneself into pleasure all the way, to be unable to find a happy medium. Just like any other addiction, once we begin to neglect the primary responsibilities—work, family, friends—in search of personal pleasure, medical experts t then call this phenomenon an addiction. 

So why did your “Recovering” girlfriend bang her mate down the hall who just so happened to end his detox term? Many studies show that When an alcoholic or drug addict goes through recovery, sex may be at the core, though, it is one topic that often gets neglected. 

Also, when someone comes to the end of the rope with addiction, they often admit that the only way to undo the damage is to go into what we call sobriety or recovery

 Much of recovery is spent addressing the relationships, which affected and were affected by the addiction, coming to terms with their habits and understanding ourselves with our higher spirit. All of these are, indeed, essential items on the road of recovery. However, it is not every day that the role sex plays in addiction is explored.

Sex is an addiction in its self, for example, when people spot the object they tend to want and desire, the neurotransmitter dopamine lights up areas deep within the brain, triggering feelings of pleasure, motivation, and reward. (Cocaine acts the same way.) They begin to feel a rush, and their heartbeat quickens. Magnetism and attention, too, is a powerful drug. 

The brain stem also begins to play in action, releasing phenylethylamine (PEA), which rushes up the flow of information between nerve cells. It’s no wonder why neck and eyeballs track every movement.

 A clinical study of over 4,000 men discovered that men with high testosterone levels were 43 percent more likely to get divorced and 38 percent higher to have extramarital affairs than men with less of the hormone. 

Also, guys with high levels were 50 percent less likely to marry. Men with the smallest amounts of testosterone were more likely to get and stay married, perhaps due to the lower testosterone levels, which make men more cooperative.

Interestingly enough, Women possess more significant access to the more negative right side of the brain, one of the main reasons why they suffer from depression twice as much as men. According to experts, the right hemisphere also enables women to see the gestalt, or bigger picture, of relationships, so they tend to comprehend before men when a relationship is not working out.

According to many experienced rehab counselors, a lot of people have been told by their sponsors that engaging in sex outside of a committed relationship during the treatment time is simply a way to “replace their habit.”