In today’s society, rehabs are known to be overcrowded, non-personal, and show a low success rate due to the methods being used during treatment. Unlike those treatment centers, a beautiful facility located in Anaheim, California, is equipped with just enough amenities to heal the patient and integrate them back into a sober lifestyle. It’s Time to Recover, is the leader in alcohol and drug abuse treatment, offering the highest levels of care to help people recover from addiction.

As the growing number of rehabs begin to open their doors, the beds start to flood, and the rooms begin to overcrowd. This results in another rehab riviera program with high turnover rates, top amenities but low standards for treatment. ITTR still believes in individualized treatment plans and will take the necessary time to see patients recovery all the way through. The level of care offered at Its Time to Recover ranges from Medical Detox to Residential Inpatient treatment with a significant focus on the continuum of care.

The residential drug rehab program at ITTR offers treatment in a 24-hour setting where patients can safely recover from addiction, without distractions and away from drugs and alcohol. These treatment plans provide a variety of evidence-based clinical services such as drug and alcohol detox and behavioral therapy. Although there are multiple evidence-based treatment methods for treating the experience of trauma, not all rehabs (whether staffed with mental health or substance abuse counselors) have been both trained and certified to handle the trauma experience due to the specialized training and supervised experience the provision of such services would require. ITTR is now offering CBT and DBT, but most importantly, they are reinforcing the life long recovery skills.. Trauma and symptoms of trauma are found frequently to be one of the co-occurring disorders most commonly seen for clients struggling with substance abuse.

Provided in a beautiful setting and amazing staff, clients are active and participate in their own recovery. The staff and counselors stress that clients work to set their own goals, investing into their own recovery. It’s Time to Recover is unique in their way of customizing treatment based on the client’s needs. While incorporating the client’s close friends, family, and anyone who has been directly affected by the addiction. ITTR can help clients safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and teach skills aimed at modifying harmful behaviors and beliefs surrounding addiction.

The main goal is to provide a strong foundation for clients to find long term sobriety by immediately taking accountability and action in their recovery. The road to recovery is never an easy or straight path. However, with evidence-based therapy offered at It’s Time to Recover, clients have the chance to heal less focus on amenities, more in-depth treatment, and actual proven therapeutic models that have shown success for decades.

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