Mcdonalds is the worlds greatest sin when it comes to fast food and eating processed meat. However, recently, the massive fast-food chain has started to sell fresh beef and is beginning to sell more burgers and gain market share.

Around this time last year, the burger chain switched its meat to fresh beef from frozen at most of its stores in the U.S. Since the switch it has led to a 30% increase in sales of the quarter pounders over the last 12months. The company announced Monday that the change has also helped them gain market share in what the current industry leaders call “informal eating out” category for the first time in over five years.

Marion Gross, the company’s chief supply chain officer for North America, told the press that the change was made to appeal to consumers ever growing interest in ingredient transparency. More and more buyers are asking where their food comes from, and now Mcdonalds can answer that with ease.

“Our customers are changing at a super fast pace,” she explained. “As a result, we’ve had to change, too.”

The company has also made moves to reduce the use of antibiotics in its beef and switch to cage-free eggs. The company had announced that their sales made a massive increase in May 2018, when it first introduced the fresh beef burger 2 for $5 deal. Switching from frozen beef to fresh was a challenging transition.

Suppliers required new packaging equipment and more refrigerators, amongst other things, to ensure the fresh beef was controlled safely, she said.

Distribution trucks were changed to fit the right temperature monitoring systems to transport the beef correctly. Not to mention the change McDonald’s kitchens had to make, along with employees learning new food safety practices.

All in all, the company’s board members referred to the change as the “biggest, boldest moves that we’ve made in a long time.”They compared the switch to when the chain started serving all-day breakfast in 2015.

It also put a strain on the company’s franchisees, who had to pay for some of the changes, like different refrigeration and storage systems.

McDonald’s new success may come again when talks of introducing a plant-based protein burger to its U.S. menu stirred up at the last press conference. Many other fast food chains, like burger kind and carls, have added menu products that are meatless or vegan. However, Mcdonals in Europe serves a vegan burger.


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