A new type of Media viewing platform is about to launch and skyrocket with success as it makes its way into becoming the next global digital media company. Oi2Go Media Technologies, Inc. (“Oi2Go”). This is the local community’s chance to engage on a pre-IPO basis in one of the most innovative rising media and technology companies that is in the process of presenting an IPO.

Oi2Go was qualified by the SEC this past summer to increase capital under REG-A+ under its preparation for crowdfunding. However, Oi2Go is backed-up and operated by “Oi2 Media Corp,” a veteran global digital media company headquartered in Miami, Florida with a worldwide presence and legacy celebrating over 20 years.

Oi2 Media Corp is a significant lead when it comes to content distribution and technology in over nine countries and is now preparing to launch the next age in Over-The-Top (“OTT”) television and audio media content entertainment for consumers, as “Oi2Go.”

According to PWC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2018-2022, “Revenues via traditional channels (like physical distribution; cable for film and television) are down 1%, while consumption via the internet and mobile has more than compensated for these losses, with a healthy 18% growth.”

Oi2Go is operated in the family entertainment capital of the world of Orlando, Florida. The soon to be launched platform, Oi2Go’s is backed by the most sophisticated content supervision platform in the world. Sponsored by American-Latino stars who are offering their passion projects solely through Oi2Go, this platform exceeds entertainment expectations. Perfected technology has been in operation for over 16 years by one of the most leading media technology moguls.

The global video streaming market size is anticipated to reach USD124.57 billion by 2025, reported to a new article by Grand View Research, Inc., registering a 19.10% CAGR during the projection period.

The newly formatted platform will cater to Americas ethnically diverse population with particular attention to the growing Latino population. According to credible sources, “A demographic segment that in 2050 is estimated to represent ONE out of EVERY THREE Americans.”

Oi2Go strives on being a multicultural and multilingual content experience that captures the true essence of Latino entertainment in the U.S. marketplace and around the world. Anyone interested in learning more about investment opportunities can visit, www.oi2go.com.


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