covid919 treatments

With so many hopes and stories about coronavirus cures, researchers are studying and evaluating whether supplements can provide effective treatment. Globally, people are also searching for all the possible ways of treating COVID-19 using herbs or medicines. For instance, Some potential drugs such as Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine, and Lopinavir have indicated some promising results for coronavirus treatment.

Additionally, up to now, the FDA is yet to approve any vaccines available for coronavirus. Case reports and clinical trials have produced fair results re-purposing antiviral therapies used in unrelated viral infections, but they also require further research.

Although many vaccines are undergoing keen researches, the official time frame for the availability of a vaccine is between 12 to 18 months. The reason being vaccines require vigorous testing during drug development.

Since researchers are looking for all possible means for coronavirus cure, they haven’t excluded the power of supplements. Below are a few that could potentially combat the coronavirus infections.

Zinc Supplements

Zinc is a vital micronutrient that is essential in various life-enabling enzymatic processes in the human body. These processes include helping neurogenesis and sustaining healthy reproduction by improving DNA integrity. It is the reason why zinc is also an essential ingredient required for conception in humans.

The other significant function of zinc is its capability of regulating the immune system and its natural antimicrobial functions. Also, zinc supplements can increase white blood cell counts and boost the immune system in healthy patients. White blood cells are essential for defending the body against viral infections.

Its inherent antiviral activity can block critical viral enzyme activity required for cell replication. All these processes indicate zinc supplements can provide great hope to fight against coronavirus.

Black Licorice

Black licorice has potent antiviral, immune-stimulating, and anti-inflammatory properties. The Chinese use it as an additive to antiviral therapy for HIV and hepatitis management. Patients who use it in combination with other antiviral treatments have demonstrated a reduction in viral manifestation and replication. Black licorice mainly boosted their white blood cell functions, detecting and defend them against further HIV infections.

In vitro studies, black licorice prevents the crucial infectious mechanism of SARS. Also, treating SARS and corona viral strains with this supplement enhanced a significant drop in viral replication and mechanisms that give access to host cells. These antiviral effects combined with black licorice increased the crucial functions of the immune system to fight viral infections. Research on whether this similar process is an effective treatment to COVID-19 is still under evaluation.


Andrographis are supplements used mainly for their immune-stimulating properties. Several studies have proved they can significantly decrease both the duration of upper respiratory infections and the severity of related symptoms.

Also, a recent publication identified this supplement can inhibit essential infectious enzyme functions of coronavirus. This discovery indicated the supplement could have the capacity to develop drugs to treat COVID-19.

Final Thoughts From The Recover

Although researchers have not established proper or verified treatment for coronavirus, people should not validate any supplements or medical advice as possible treatments. Besides, people should wait for official approval of COVID-19 cure by the FDA or licensed health organizations. Therefore, if you suspect symptoms related to coronavirus, ensure you seek medical help immediately. You may also wish to consult our drug rehab directory and inquire for more information on the available treatment options.