Online giant Amazon is particularly active when it comes to Black Friday. The Online Shop offers many bargains that are only available for a limited time. But other vendors sell them on the 23. November prices their products at bargains.

“Black Friday” 2018: on 24. November, there are still great deals

+++ A day after “Black Friday” there are still plenty of deals for bargain hunters.

+++ On 23. November 2018, it is so far: The “Black Friday” offers 2018 exciting bargains for discount hunters.

+++ consumer ought to retain in spite of the many special offers according to the experts, a cool head and compare prices.

+++ Traditionally, the Black Friday, the black Friday falls on the day after the American holiday of “Thanksgiving”.

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in the year of 2018 can secure Amazon customers for Black Friday with significant discounts in the areas of electronics, home furnishings, toys, fashion, jewellery and Beauty. With the “Deals of the day” are also offered every day during the entire period of the “Cyber Monday”-week bargains.

But the Amazon is worth deals for “Black Friday” really? We give you the information you need.

price analysis for “Black Friday” in 2018 – so much can consumers really

The Black Friday has arrived in Germany Every third wants to go on this day, on bargain-hunting and plans for around 300 euros. This is the result of a survey platform idealo. Consumer organisations, however, warn for years in front of a non-critical dealing with the Super-special offers.

The allegation: Many traders calculate discounts on the basis of the recommended retail price (RRP), the actual market price is usually far below that. Therefore, such offers are often misleading, and not so favorable, such as the percent of information to believe.

More than half of the consumers of this problem, in the meantime, aware that 55 percent think that the offers for Black Friday are not that much cheaper than otherwise. After all, 381 of 500 products examined cost on Black Friday 2017 is actually a little less than in the previous month. Larger price jumps, however, were rather the exception – in the average, no category was more than 20 percent cheaper.

“Black Friday”: On 19. November saw the launch of the “Cyber Monday week” on Amazon

On 19. November of 2018 will start on the Cyber Monday week, with tens of thousands of Offers from almost all categories of Tablet PCs and household appliances to toys and advent calendars. Up to and including 26. November 2018 can customers look forward to deal with up to 50 percent discount and to get hold of so now especially cheap prices Christmas gifts for your loved one – or yourself in advance of gift-giving. you will find a daily changing Top products as “deals of the day” from midnight for 24 hours, or until the stock lasts. In addition, flash offers to go between 6:00 and at 19:45 in 5-minute intervals online, and are for a maximum of six hours available. For Prime members these offers, which can be lightning fast out of stock, exclusive of 30 minutes in advance.

Black Friday 2018: What is there to buy?

Many of the Top Deals from the categories art, Beauty, sports and many other to include the suitable offers and gift ideas for every taste. The diverse selection of Cyber Monday week leaves nothing to be desired and includes, in addition to attractive Offered for many Amazon Devices including the following Highlights:

Tablet PCs, Huawei, Samsung and Lenovo game console from Sony, Oculus, and Microsoft’s dust – and smudge-robot from iRobot Blu-ray from Warner Bros. Smart-Home products from Philips and Osram, tooth brushes and shavers from Philips and Braun Avent baby monitors and child safety seats from Cybex UHD TVs from Philips, Samsung and LG sports watches and fitness trackers from Garmin and Fitbit tool for do-it-yourselfers, Bosch and Makita Audio and Hi-Fi article from Yamaha, Sony, UE, Bose and Sonos household items of Finish, Somat, Vileda and Leifheit care products from Nivea, Axe and L’oreal advent calendar from the fields of Beauty, sweets, alcohol, and erotic household appliances of AEG, Bauknecht and Samsung games-Highlights from Lego and Hasbro Smartphones from Huawei, Samsung, and Motorola coffee machines from Nespresso and De’longhi black Friday 2018: Electronics are the most

especially in the area of consumer electronics, Friday at the Black bargain. The largest price savings, there were 2017 in the case of TV devices. On average TVs were 129 less available than in the previous month (by 9 percent). In the case of LGs High-End device OLED65C7D buyers could save even over 1000 Euro (31 percent). Also speakers were greatly reduced – by an average of 15 percent. Three out of twenty investigated models were on Black Friday of 2017, almost 50 percent cheaper – at a price savings of up to 85 euros.

And for gamblers, and was worth the Black Friday also: Both game consoles as well as Games were reduced in 2017. When you buy a PlayStation 4 with 500GB of storage space you could save in the past year, up to 70 Euro (26 percent). The most popular games, there were on average 16 percent cheaper than in the comparison period.

+ Online Shopping on Black Friday.© idealoWer is flexible, it can also be found on Smartphones and game

Smartphones were not reduced on Black Friday 2017 conspicuously strong and, although they were by far the most sought-after products. On average the Saving was 20 beliebtesten models is only around ten euros (2 percent). Those who had not set on a specific model, could save: While Apple’s models are relatively stable in price and also on Black Friday hardly were reduced, dropped the price on some Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 clear – in the Version of Orchid Grey, for example, 40 Euro (7 percent).

The Black Friday is considered the start of the hot Phase of the Christmas business. Accordingly, the game were among the most popular products, especially Lego and Playmobil were in demand in the past year. The analysis shows: The price savings on Black Friday was very different. Lego article were to 2017 is hardly reduced. Only nine out of 20 products were cheaper, on average, even slightly more expensive than in the previous month. Playmobil was, however, reduced to the Black Friday considerably, and was, on average, eleven percent less than before.

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What is the “Black Friday”?

When “Black Friday” is a day, in Online stores and sometimes in other stores, discounts are offered. It takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving, the American thanksgiving. He is not cranking out the last of the Christmas business. In Germany, there were in the year 2013, the first Time the “Black Friday”.^

Black Friday 2018: Who’s in?

Many well known Online stores, primarily in the area of entertainment electronics, are taking part in it.

Amazon: The shipping giant already starts at the 20. to 27. November with a whole week of “Cyber Monday Week”. There are daily, from six till 19.45 o’clock lightning deals in Five-minute intervals. However, these are only a maximum of six hours available – if you are not already sold out. Prime members can also view the 30 minutes before all of the other Top Deals. In addition, the Online Shop, Top offers, deals of the day, which are always from midnight for 24 hours available while supplies last. While there are bargains in many areas, however, consumer electronics is available here from Amazon in focus. Including Amazon Echo, Fire TV, or Kindle Tablets in the foreground. eBay: The Online marketplace of the skin is also a whole week long so called WOW!-Offers and Top Deals in its “Cyber Week” from 24. up to 30. November. He wants to lure potential customers with a “lowest price guarantee”, but only in the morning (23. November) will be announced Details. However, in the past, under the Bargain, many of the electronics products, household goods, furniture, jewelry as well as fashion and toys. Saturn: The electronics retailer also offers during his “Black Week” until 26. November discounts on Smartphones, laptops, coffee machines, game consoles, and household appliances. Media market: The electric competitor, the signs are Red instead of Black. These awards also discounts on the latest technology products, but he referred to his action as a “Red Sale” in. However, it also starts on 23. November, and runs through until the 27. November. However, early here is worth getting Up, because in the Cyber Monday savings week ends already at nine o’clock in the morning. Tchibo: The dealer, especially for its coffee places, also offers of 23. to 27. November 50% discount on articles from the fields of consumer electronics, coffee machines, sports apparel and equipment as well as home accessories. Zalando, Otto & co.: the clothing retailer such as Zalando, Otto or Galeria Kaufhof with make up and curls with discounts of up to 20 percent. Douglas: The cosmetics giant is the “Beauty Friday” equal time to the 26. November extended – here, bargain hunters in the online shop will also receive a 20 percent discount on all products (at a purchase value of 50 euros).Black Friday: The billion-dollar business with the Schnäppchentag

For the marketing expert Martin Fassnacht from WHU business school is: “Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already very important for the trade – and they are becoming more and more important. We have saturated markets in Germany. Because it takes such occasions, so people buy more.”

in fact, the hype around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, according to a company jointly controlled by eB ay and the Cologne trade research Institute, ECC carried out analysis of the shopping behavior of citizens of the Federal Republic changed. At least, when it comes to Online Shopping. “There is a shift in the sales from the first half of December to the second half of November,” said Eben Sermon, Vice President of eBay Germany, already last year.

Also if a lot of traders offers with special rates of consumer advocates the consumer to keep a cool head and also in the Black Friday hustle and bustle, not on price comparisons. Samples of the price comparison portal resulted in in 2016, that only every second tested offer was really a bargain. In a quarter of the promotions buyer at the end paid more than competing dealers, and another quarter corresponded to current market prices and the.

enjoy if drama would be offered to tables of reductions of 30, 40 or 50 percent, this is with caution, experts stress. Because these are related to the non-binding price recommendations of the manufacturers, which are in many cases significantly above the current trading prices.

whence comes the Name “Black Friday”?

it is Uncertain, despite the growing importance of the day, where did the Name Black Friday actually comes. One theory is that the Name is due to the masses of people in the streets and shopping centres, which are to this day in many American cities. Another explains the name so that traders to this turnover have a strong day with a Chance to get into the profit zone – and in the black write.

Uncertain long-term effects of the discount battle in the eyes of the experts. The marketing expert Fassnacht warns: “Such discount days are a two-edged sword. You make more sales. But such actions also reinforce the Trend to the Discount company. Discounts are a powerful drug. It is becoming more and more difficult to sell products at normal prices.”

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trading is expected billion in sales through Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By means of numerous discounts around the weekend of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” expected the German retail sector in this year as additional revenue in the billions. The occasion of Black Friday on 23. November 2018, and the Cyber Monday on 26. November 2018.

Where has the “Black Friday” originated?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have their origin in the United States and a forward traditionally, the hot Phase of the Christmas business. But the discount days are now also commonly used by German Online retailers, and increasingly also in stationary retail copies.

In the year 2016 had already used 16% of the consumers Black Friday for reduced purchases, Cyber Monday, 13 percent, reported in the HDE. In the case of the Per capita expenditure of the Black Friday 2016 was 170 Euro before Cyber Monday with a good 120 euros.

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