Britney Spears will not be returning, however, to Las Vegas

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From the beginning of February singer Britney Spears (37, “Toxic”) on a regular basis in Las Vegas on the stage. In October of 2018, they announced her new show series “Domination”. But nothing will come of it. In an emotional Statement on her official Instagram Account they announced that they’ve cancelled all concerts. The reason is sad – and very personal.

An “indefinite break”

“I don’t know where to start with that, because it’s hard to say”, she writes to an old photo from the family album, showing her as a child with her parents. Spears explains that the Show will not take place. You’ve been looking forward to the concerts and that’s why this decision is breaking her heart. “However, it is important that your family always comes first … and that was the decision I had to make,” the 37-Year-old concrete. Then the sad reason for the cancellation of the Show follows.

“a few months Ago, my father had to go to hospital and almost died. We are all so grateful that he is alive came out, but he still has a long way to go. I had to make the difficult decision to focus this time completely on my family,” says Spears. More you ask your Fans for your understanding and thanks for all the prayers and support. With the words, “Thank you, and I love all of you… always” ends the Post.

the life-threatening health problems of her father, Jamie, you do not go on. On their official Homepage it is said that the singer take a “permanent break”. She wanted to take care of your family. Their return to the music business is in the stars.