The family-owned company Kampmann from food does not appear to have made in the past with applicants for the best experience. With a desperate – and really humorous – Vacancy it drives the search for an eligible employee on the peak.

Mercilessly honest: The applicants for these posts are required to bring invitation to tender

The catering company Kampmann is looking for a an eligible applicant, such as the Portal of The West reported – and leave no good hair on the future of the candidate.

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humor includes full and brutally honest, the job advertisement with the following requirements:

You’re not verpeilt completely. You’re able to feed yourself in the supermarket with basic food. You have mastered the basic arithmetic operations. Dates are not just empty appointments. You did not crack after the one-time Wearing an empty beer box directly to a muscle fiber. You don’t need in the next five weeks of a semester, because you have to first find yourself. You can read the clock. You can imagine, to work 5x per week and no to Burnout? Then you’re our man, apply now!

applications from potentially eligible employees were actually tenders increased since the release of the bodies, as it is called. Why not approach so just humorous things.

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