Starting in 2018, Elke Winkens as Xenia Saalfeld, Ex-wife of Christoph Saalfeld (Dieter Bach) to see in “storm of love”

©ARD/Christof Arnold

goodbye Again in the Telenovela “storm of love” (since 2005, on weekdays, at 15:10, the First). However, probably not quite as sad for the audience. Because with Xenia Saalfeld, the Ex-wife of Christoph Saalfeld (Dieter, brook) and mother of Denise (Helen barque), came from extortion, fraud, kidnapping, and even murder to the court. On your quest for vengeance you can even put the life of their daughter into the game… How the transmitter is now announced, will leave you the TV-Hotel coming soon “with a big Bang”. to see

For the last Time, is actress Elke Winkens (48, “Jud süss – Film without Conscience”) in this role, therefore, expected to be on 14. March. “It was a lot of fun to play such an exciting and multi-layered character,” says the Austrian-German actress goodbye.