In the new a result of Wolfgang Joop model mom Heidi Klum stand to the side

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According to the previous seasons had certainly expected none of the candidates, that it would simply be, “to be Germany’s next Topmodel”. The least but would have thought probably that it might already be in the second episode of the current season, so challenging. A yodelling Heidi Klum (45), welcomed their girls in the cold Sölden.

mountain cabin or luxury hotel?

on The Bus were chauffeured to the thirty other girls at the beginning of the episode, first to Austria. But after a few minutes should flow back tears, as model mom Heidi collected immediately after the arrival of the Smartphones of the candidates. Previously, the girls were allowed to still of family and friends to say goodbye and Jasmine gave Heidi a tiny cactus. Why? So Heidi thinks of you…

Shortly after, already a Team Challenge, waited for the Girls. Heidi, appointed Tatiana and Sayana each of the leaders should assemble their Teams. The girls should choose their own Ski Outfits and were full of energy and excited to the thing. Only Jasmine was too slow and got only the leftovers of the other. Then the girls should compete each time for a short 1-on-1 shoot. The price of the Challenge: The winning Team for the next two weeks in a luxury hotel with Pool, and a Spa, the losers in a sporadically furnished mountain hut.

“Tatiana is a very extraordinary girl,” said Heidi quickly realized that these, too, possess the “ambition”. While Tatiana was all upset, because she came out for the first Time ever from Germany. However, in addition to Tatjana Sayana did their thing well and that is why booth was the first. Most of you were able to convince one way or the other, but especially Jasmine did. “You’re more like a sleeping pill stood”, said Klum. After several Back-and-Forth victory eventually went to the Team Tatjana.

While the mood among the winners was the move-in of your Hotel is excellent and the girls “wanted to stay forever”, that looked at the losers something different. Enisa, for example, had concerns about whether it will work out to share with so many girls, the bedroom and bathroom and Anastasiya found it “unaushaltlich”! Marlene, however, had no problems with the Situation and the very messy-looking Jasmine grabbed a few Souvenirs – among them a tiara and her communion candle.

At the time of Shooting, it is really cold

it Really difficult it was then, on the next day. Because of the great shoot, it went to more than 3,000 meters of altitude and in the freezing cold. Simone had been in the gondola of fear, which brought the girl to the top. The famous fashion photographer Kristian Schuller (48) photographed the candidate in light, color, dress from joyous in groups shoots between fog, Wind and snow. Schuller wanted to see in this “great fight against the tide”, however, relaxed, beautiful faces. “The weather wants to annoy us. […] Of course, it is a Shooting under extreme conditions, but exactly, I don’t want to see on the photo,” said Heidi.

Many of the girls had visibly problems. Tatiana’s fingers were like ice after the recordings, only “on”, Celine almost fell down, and in the case of Simone, the nerves were raw. Even before the Shooting, she had to contend with circulatory problems. Also Enisa had during the shooting of your problem. Many of the girls fought, but visibly, and some are doing their job really well – Kim, for example. Also, Vanessa was able to convince. Her secret tip: at The Moment of the shoot, you turn and ask her “private life somehow in the Background, I usually run.”

How to run

While the a groups at the time of Shooting, got the other guest judge and Star Designer Wolfgang Joop (74, “Undressed: From a life with me”) taught how to walk as a Model on a Catwalk properly. “I try to teach them a relaxed, modern gear” to make the girls self-consciously, he explained.

here, Too, significant differences in the girls, which should, according to Joop “that will” see. Vanessa liked Joop, for example, and also Tatjana he liked, Marlene should not, however, look at your Walk as if you have stolen a dress. Also, Jasmine was once again tense and “be very careful”. The Designer suggested that she should make Yoga so that you will loose. And Anastasiya could not see with the best will, why he believed that she was not the type for blonde hair, but they could not understand the old Joop eh so good…

Girlfriends Enisa and Vanessa, really?

This question should ask both of them very soon. Tears YouTuberin Enisa said that Vanessa wanted by you “push”. Vanessa heard these allegations and they could not understand at all. “I’ve done nothing to You, Enisa,” she said. But cried later: “she is so manipulative”. Vanessa was only for the camera with your friends and not there for you when you need them. Also in the case of Vanessa, the tears flowed: “I was hurt.” Prior to the mandatory decision-making Walk, you get along, the relationship between the two, however, seems very.

The first photo of the season

once again, easy Outfit, it finally went for all the candidates in the heights on a narrow pier. The beginning of Vanessa, who was, according to Heidi “mega” came over, and Lena, the “not that bad”. And that’s why the two got the first photos of the new season.

Less well it ran for Marlene, who had been insufficient, according to Heidi, “in”, and no photo. With Anastasiya, the model mom even asked, “Oh, God, we are running, please?” They also could not understand this decision, think of the audience already. Debora was too “impersonal”, which is why she had to go. And Catharina should actually get a photo, Joop pulled out, but a Wild Card and sent it to the next round. Even a few tears should roll at the Designer, because Teresa thanked him for the run-of-Training – an obviously intimate Moment for the two.

Among the Looks for the Walk also hand-folded individual pieces were. The already finished styled and dressed Models should no longer be suffered in silencen, Jasmine however, that was no matter. Even after a polite prompt to get up, she sat down again. Jasmine seemed to be constantly annoyed, and her Walk was, according to Heidi, “sleepy”, yet they continue to sent to the candidate and said it was a “rough diamond”. If that was the right decision? At least in the preview to the next episode already hinted that Jasmine seems to cause some upset.

“I was glad when I was back at the bottom, and in safety,” said guest judge Joop the news Agency spot on news recently. Similar to, should also have felt most of the girls. But above all, they are likely to be have been glad to have your photos, because all the others came.