Everybody knows it: You just want to check in short, the SMS or E-Mail, and you landed it on Instagram. Nearly 100 Times a day to look at the Smartphone, spending a total of several hours with the device. No wonder that many people consciously want to do without more often. Digital Detox is called the. And often not-so-easy – after all, important things take place on the phone. A Trick is to make the withdrawal easier.

“grey scaling” is the name of the Trend, grayscale. And that is exactly what it is. Instead of having to deal with all the colourful Apps, you turn on the Smartphone just the colors, instead, the Display shows everything in shades of gray. The captivating logic: The Smartphone can continue with almost no restrictions use only the is no longer as attractive as before.

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caution: This nasty “life hacks” scrap your iPhone!

By Malte Mansholt factor color

Actually, the bright colors to tempt us on the Smartphone, rather, to verdaddeln time. The App-manufacturers know this and use it against us. The Copenhagen headquarters company, a neuron advises about Facebook and other big companies in the choice of the right hue. For this purpose it measures the reactions of the brain in the use of Smartphones. The goal is to produce the right color happy Emontionen to trouble without the user, said CEO Thomas Z. Ramsoy, the “New York Times”, and to keep the user in the App.

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The color mesh, because we are certain colors give more of our attention, explains the researcher Bevil Conway to the “NYT”. “If you see a lot of colors and contrasts, we are looking all the time to new Stimuli. Our attention system says constantly ‘look, look, Look here.'” An ideal solution would, however, not shades of gray, but beautiful, but non-stimulating colors. “Then you would have a pleasant, but not addictive surface. But of course the powers that be. You want that we watch.”

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to escape The Apps on this drug, so this is the simplest step. The Trick comes from Tristan Harris, a former Google employee, is in favour of an ethical Design approach and, thus, against the intentionally addictive Apps Mach. Clear, photos or even watch movies. For Chats, E-Mail or messages, the grey tones but it is not enough. As a permanent solution, they are suitable only for the least. As a self-control aid, if you want to restrict, or to do just simply something more important, but it works perfectly.

So you switch the colors abAuf the iPhone select in the settings “General” and then “accessibility”. Under “Display adjustments” and “color filter” you need to flip the switch, and “grayscale” option. If you want to quickly switch, make a switch for the control center. You just have to add in the settings under “control center” and “control elements” by pressing the Plus icon in the “control commands”. The icon appears in the control center.Owner of Android Smartphones must first turn on the developer options. To do this, select in the settings “About device/phone/Tablet” and tap seven Times on “build number”, then the developer on the diving options in the settings. There you can select “color space to simulate” and select the Option “Solid color”. In some versions it’s called “color blindness”

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Hey parents, puts, finally, the Smartphone to the side!

A study shows that children suffer from the constant Smartphone Gedaddel of their parents. One of the problems could be that you see even if we make just the control or just in Whatsapp chat.

By Malte Mansholt