it Comes to women’s rights, is probably no country as far back as Saudi Arabia. In the highly religious Kingdom, women are allowed to do virtually nothing alone, always with a male companion must be on your side. Ironically, it’s a very creepy App changes the now: By “Absher” to monitor the men and their women, at the same time, it gives you a little more freedom than before – the App is even used to escape.

Absher is actually much more than just your smartphone. The Saudi citizens are able to pay via the Portal, that is also available as a website, also births register, or a ticket. In the headlines of the service is, however, currently because of his wife’s legal component: men can set the Pass of the women behind and your digital permits. To leave about the country. However, you can also prohibit certain destination airports. In addition, the men via text message, when the woman wants to leave the country.

The Monitoring as an opportunity to

So, to escape the women from the brutal Patriarchy prevented. However, many women seem to be the other way around. “The App allows women to travel alone,” says a user at Reddit in a Thread by actually demanded that Apple and Google should take action against the App.

a Saudi activist, is the possibility that the Tech companies lock the App looks at that as a negative. “This App is awful, of course, but in truth, it helps women,” she wrote a feminist by SMS, which published its news on Twitter. The App is only a System of problems, among which women in the country suffer already, so your Argument. And they open quite new possibilities. “With the permissions of the App you can escape at last, the past with paper documents never have been possible.”

escape to the West

In the Internet Forum “WeAreSaudis”, in the Saudis about an escape in the West exchange, is seen in a similar way. There, women discuss the possibilities of the mobile phone to redirect notifications via the exit on the Smartphone, exchange, how to set up the best secretly the travel authorization. Some should be actually managed to escape.

Although both Google and Apple CEO Tim Cook have already agreed to the Absher-App closer look, you should consider Removing exactly. The sad Monitoring Regime, in which the Saudi life women, would change nothing. However, there is a possibility of less of it to escape.

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