In the Christmas Comedy “My beautiful Mess” at the Christmas family festival something wrong


The grandpa, the grandma, uncles and aunts, all eleven Cousins, including the notes gather, at the latest, on 1. Christmas day under the Christmas tree – at least for the most. You have not seen for longer, or parents-in-law in spe are even, can be from the intimate gathering quickly a very embarrassing event. To prevent this from happening, here are a few etiquette tips.

first impressions count

Where it could be best to start than at the beginning. At the time of greeting at the front door, you can leave a good first impression by is simply on time. Not for nothing is it called “punctuality is the politeness of kings”. When grandma comes up with a delicious festive meal should be eaten hot. All will have to wait to the last comers, the mood is right at the beginning already in the basement.

As a gift

guest gifts are a tricky subject. No one wants to appear stingy, nevertheless, you don’t want to come up with an expensive gift too pretentious over. Something Small it should be, because this shows that the guests are prepared for the visit and thoughts. Grandma is a cookie and God knows enough have, so why not just a beautiful bouquet of flowers?

Smalltalk is always

Even if it seems tiring and monotonous: small talk is a part of, the family. Just when you see only once or twice a year, it may be helpful first to discuss these trivialities, before it comes to deeper topics. Because nothing is worse than to fall with the door into the house. This applies both for guests, as well as for the host.

Christmas at the parents-in-law

finally, we come back again to the beginning. Christmas is not for your own family, but for the first Time to the parents of the partner or the parents-in-law, the first impression is all the more important. Nothing hurts more than a baggy look. To may a day of celebration, it is going quite well at the Outfit a little more festive. With a chic, knee-length dress, for example, in Burgundy, makes the woman for sure nothing wrong. Duty is always a pair of tights. So the Outfit that scores both the Partner as well as his parents and the rest of the family.