Hape Kerkeling and the young actor Julius Wake-up calls at the world premiere of “The Boy must goodbye to fresh air -”

©imago/precinct photo

on the red carpet: Entertainer Hape Kerkeling (54) came on Tuesday evening in the light castle to eat, along with Cast, Crew and audience, the world premiere of “The Boy in the fresh air” (cinema start: 25. To celebrate December). Moved, he posed on the red carpet with the young actor Julius Wake-up calls (10) that embodies the young Hans-Peter Wilhelm “Hape” Kerkeling in Caroline on the left of (54) film adaptation of the eponymous bestseller.

reports such As “Waz.de” enthused the Original Kerkeling about the young Star of the film as a ideal occupation: “We are soul mates!” The ten-year-old Julius took the hype, therefore, ready and left: “I can’ I me a few years ago also not yet dream of.”

About the Film

Ruhrpott 1972: The chubby, nine-year-old Hans-Peter grows up in the warmth of his cheerful and party-goers kinship. His great Talent is to bring others to Laugh, he trained daily in the grocery of his grandma download Änne. But unfortunately, not everything is rosy. Dark shadows lay on the everyday life of the boy, as his mother, after a surgery are always bevelled. For Hans-Peter as an incentive to perfect his comedic talent…