to make The world a bit better, has always been the claim of the hacker scene, which hangs out for four days at the Leipzig trade fair grounds.

sometimes it goes to the rescue of democracy in the United States, to the Plight of refugees in the Mediterranean sea or the freedom of science. The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has for 35. Time called – and thousands of streams on Thursday at the Chaos Communication Congress, a short-35c3. So that the world may improve is not too strenuous, must not be fun and games.

So, some hackers have scooter, to the extensive trade fair grounds quickly from one to the other hall to move to the next lecture, here is a simple Talk called, or to the Workshop in order to learn, for once, correct soldering. Also CCC-spokesman, Linus Neumann, riding a scooter, on the underside of a small Controller brings colored lights illuminate.

single-Board computers like the Arduino or the Raspberry Pi are on the tables in the Hackerspace, in which a number of workshop areas for the electronic LED-works of art. Programmed is here to learn with scripting languages such as Python, easy to use, and immediately presentable results. A lot more effort Tim Drocki has undertaken to develop a 3D printer that produces a bottle holder with the Emblem of the Congress. The must then of course be placed in a bottle with a Mate – the caffeine in soda is for hackers is still the first drink of choice.

Florian came from Nuremberg, where he is engaged in the computer group, K4, short K4CG. “To me it is all about Learning, and Connections to people,” says the 18-Year-old. His own project is working on a Notebook, on which he has set up the Unix System, OpenBSD, and now want to develop. “I would like to understand the System better.”

the Thumping bass opening of the Congress, then a computer-proclaimed voice of this year’s theme: “Refreshing Memories” – the scene wants to draw strength from their own history. Two young hackers who think of you only as rufus and rixx, a vote of the people in the Packed hall on the four-day Meeting.

Now, all had placed “the sacred Feast of the computer repairing” – at Christmas, many resourceful talents in the family were required to give, for example, the parents technical support; now, however, Congress was “time”. Rufus calls on the more than 16 000 participants expected to think, “how are we the planet from the abyss, can roll away”.

Nothing less than the solution to the climate crisis, the meteorologist, and a library scientist Claudia Frick from the Forschungszentrum Jülich, as the focus of your presentation. Imagine, someone have found this wool and publish the research results in a professional journal, Frick, and spans an arc to the call for Open Access, the unrestricted access to research results, for which all the taxpayers would have paid with the public funding of universities already.

The open Sharing of findings is a core of the hacker ethic, whose renewal is also on the agenda of the first conference day. The first of these guidelines, published by the Journalist Steven Levy in 1984. It is worth it for the Creator to adapt-critical approach to technology for the current challenges, says CCC spokesman Frank Rieger in a lecture.

The 47-year-old Hacker and author meets on the Congress a lot of young faces. With school projects, and a young hackertag the CCC is aimed at Younger. For the first time, beginners get in “foundation talks” basics, but even experienced visitors can brush up on your Knowledge.