Würzburg – He should have rolled over with a scattering of vehicle-tractor, a 71-year-old woman – in the newly-rolled-up process against him, the 58-year-old driver’s son-in-law. The presiding judge appealed on Wednesday before the regional court of Würzburg urge the man to take responsibility: “We are now at a point where we are Soft.” This could be his only Chance at a suspended sentence, she said.

the stray-vehicle cover-up-driver that he has hit the woman?

The driver should have rolled over in January 2016 in estenfeld near Würzburg the pedestrian and just keep. The woman died at the scene of the accident.

Later, the driver should have tried to disguise the fact. So the stray vehicle is to be painted, at his request, re-and he deleted selected mobile phone data from the day of the accident from his phone. In court, he was mired in contradictions.

The process of voluntary manslaughter has again been rolled up, because both the defence and the Prosecutor’s office had filed an appeal against the judgment of the district court of Würzburg. The man was sentenced in the first instance to one year and ten months in prison. The defendant had denied all the allegations, his lawyer on acquittal for lack of Evidence.

Clear evidence: Is convicted of the gritting vehicle driver?

The evidence had, however, been clear, said a court spokesman. For the fact no one else had come in suspicion. Besides, the man was due to the conflicting testimony and the cover-up trial, lacks credibility.

The investigators had assumed that after finding the corpse first, that the woman had fallen on ice. The autopsy had refuted this Thesis.


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