“We want to each give us super powers” – so Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella defined the Vision of the group to support the users constantly live with technology. Example: A skilled worker, which put the interior of the Trucks together, and for once the highly complex processes of this installation had to learn. “What if we could eliminate that learning curve and just?” asked Nadella and showed how the group envisions computers of the future.

The border between Computer and reality are blurred

With Windows, the quasi have nothing to do. Instead, the presentation relies completely on the second Version of Microsoft’s data glasses, the Hololens and the artificial intelligence of the Cloud platform Azure. In one example, the presentation, the group showed why it is hoped that this will be the future of the computer. The Start-up Spatial enabled with the Hololens complete Meetings in a digital space, in the presentations, 3D objects and text fields created directly by the users in the room freely placed and edited together. These spaces will be stored and can be accessed in exactly the same condition again, even remote employees can connect at any time simply by an Avatar in the project and work as if you are around the room. The office is a purely virtual space.

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But also Jobs where you have to create more Hand, can benefit from the technology. In the Demo, the 3D was about on Hololens and live on networked devices on the collected data, the use of a heavy machine to visualize, model, shows, exactly, what Gear needs to be replaced soon due to wear and tear. The mechanic can evaluate the glasses, each and every part of the machine individually, is exactly in the image, how much exposure it has gotten so far.


The new Hololens 2 enables the virtual switch to handle and to operate directly with the hands

©Microsoft PR New data glasses and space surveying

The data will then be made in the new Hololens 2 visible. The successor of Microsoft’s hologram glasses has been improved in the presentation, the comfort and the possible areas of application. It shows considerably more Details, this increases the field of view, and also allows a more direct control with Gestures. For a more comfortable fit, the housing was made easier, the focus has shifted. In addition, the glasses can be adjusted to mount them on helmets. In order to improve the use, scans the new Hololens the hands of the user and his environment. As a result, the holograms to conform to the space and can be touched by the user is “attached” directly with the hands being manipulated. In addition, eyes are now movement and voice directly to the controller.

to be able to better integrate, developed by Microsoft, with Azure, Kinect another product. Originally for the Xbox, designed depth and motion sensor Kinect not to allow, in the future, together with the Artificial intelligence of Azure, only a Computer with gesture control, but in countless scenarios facilitate the work of and about objects in the warehouse identify parts of an engine are virtually in the right place and the hospital staff before tumbling warn patients before they plunge. Kinect can scan it individually to a specific area or with several devices, a complete Room.

fair “Build”

Alexa, Android, and the Cloud: Microsoft makes Windows disappear

By Malte Mansholt Windows on the shows, behind the Bank

How important is the step in the Mixed Reality for Microsoft is that it is limited to its own products. Azures hologram technology is similar to Apple’s Augmented Reality-AR-Kit available. On the stage, we showed, for example, as a user, instead of using Hololens einklinkte about the iPad in the current program and the same data could be seen. All in All, Tablets, computers and Smartphones appear in Microsoft’s Vision, but only as supplementary devices, which may affect a part of the Virtual reality with and as a tip or Visualization. You are no longer the main unit, but a access of many to Microsoft’s by now a primary platform, Azure. In Microsoft’s Computer of the future, Windows is only one System among many.

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