Windows 7 has a few years on the hump, in October, the PC operating system celebrates its tenth birthday. However, although there are now three successor – and Version 8, 8.1 and 10, running Windows 7 still on almost every third computer. In December 2018, the global market share for amounted to 35,63% (for comparison: 52,36 per cent in the case of Windows 10). In Germany it looks a lot better, here Windows 7 to be running on 29 percent of PCs.

Windows 7 is a time-bomb

The Problem: In a year – to- date 14. January 2020 – is Microsoft discontinuing Support for Windows 7 final. Then there will be no new Updates, security vulnerabilities are no longer stuffed. With each newly discovered vulnerability, the operating system is thus more vulnerable to cyber criminals. Who uses the operating system via the Microsoft dictated to the expiration date, risks to become victim of hackers and virus programmers.

in January 2015, Microsoft discontinued the regular Support, currently, the so-called extended Support runs. This means that Windows 7 gets new features, more equipped, and Microsoft attaches no value to the fact that the operating system remains the compatibility with other products. Basic safety Updates will be provided regularly to Download.

The changes in a year, when the extended Support ends. The exception is the number of end users with special conditions are, however, rather firm for private individuals.

Windows-7-users should require the

Similar experiences gained by Microsoft in April 2014, as the group finally ended support for the then-popular Windows XP. XP was out of date, however, hopelessly and delivery, especially on older Hardware. In Windows 7, the Situation is different: The users are generally satisfied, some of the computers would even be able to install the latest Version of Windows 10. However, the users of a boycott of the new system interface, and the Data drives the rest of Microsoft. In the coming year, Microsoft needs to do some belief work.

in the long term is likely to remain the users but nothing on the switch to prepare. To be on the safe side, you should switch to Windows 10 or directly on a different operating system require.

High conversions

Microsoft’s future is not Windows

The Software giant Microsoft shiny quarter figures. The main business is always the business is still the PC. But, above all, the transactions with office Software and the Cloud hum.

By Christoph Fröhlich