The Router is under the roof next to the phone socket and the bottom of the living room, only one of the three bars announced in the Display, brave to the presence of the home network. Wi-Fi is a fine thing, but in large apartments, and in houses the radio signal is not enough in every corner. This is especially annoying when one has spent a lot of money for technology Gadgets, but the expensive Smart TV, IPad, Alexa, or the Smarthome-cameras come in only at a snail’s pace into the net. The Foundation of the many “wireless Devices” is usually given little attention: the network technology. Kind of understandable, after all, a Router looks compared to a OLED-Smart-TV insanely unsexy. But the little box next to the phone connection ultimately determines how much joy a the Internet at home. Usually it drops in the sense of the word.

the signal strength of the Wi-Fi is slowing rapidly out of steel-reinforced concrete walls, heating pipes, door frames and water pipes. After ten to fifteen meters, the Signal dissipates. Although the range by so-called repeaters routes, but not the quality of the signal increase. That is, a Repeater brings a remote wireless device to the network, but the transmission rate remains low. With half of even the most out of every Repeater.

Mesh Wi-Fi for home: put an end to poor reception: This Hardware drilling of your Wi-Fi on Fullscreen

Netgear Orbi: of The Router as a decorative object

In General, hiding his Router somewhere, whether in the hall closet or under the Desk. The usually rather unsightly Router but is not receiving, although detrimental to prominently you want to place. The Netgear Orbi is striking with its chic look is also in the middle of the living room, not negative. Satellite in the same Look are then placed in other rooms. In the stern Test of the Orbi was also technically very potent: The setup was easy, reception and transfer speed is very good. The price is just under 320 euros without and 410 euros with satellite.

Reapter: A network in the network

in Addition, the Repeater does not react with the Router, so the radio center, as a stand-alone network. While you take the network ID of the router and connect the devices with the best wireless signal, but the Router knows nothing of what the Repeater is doing. And, who knows nothing, can not optimize the radio network.

it is Precisely here that the so-called Mesh technology. Such a System consists of the directly connected to the Router, the Mesh Master and at least one in the house prepared by the Access Point. All the Mesh access points know each other and “talk” to each other. They form a network under a common network identifier. As a result, the Mesh-Master-and-white exchange on which frequencies its satellite with which devices in the house data, even if it is not connected directly with you.

With this Knowledge, he optimizes the entire Wi-Fi communication. It will automatically switch to the best frequencies available, can provide the same wide range of devices with data and changes depending on the load automatically to the least used wireless channels, so that the private network does not come with the WLANs in the neighborhood into the enclosure. In the jargon of the cross-band Repeating, Band-Steering, tri-band and multi-user MiMo.

painted on the communication would look like the way how the meshes of a network, therefore, the “Mesh”. Greater advantage is that The Wi-Fi devices in the house connect fluently with the strongest available access point, so to speak, such as mobile phones, imperceptibly, the radio cells, switch, if you are on the phone in the car.

well-known Mesh-provider the honor of

For well over a year manufacturers like Google, Asus, TP or Netgear Mesh systems have to offer. The products differ not only in the price. Some of the Mesh devices communicate exclusively via wireless, others can send the data signal via the power line or directly to the in house threaded network cable plug. The path over the power line, for example, in buildings, in practice, in which, for example, steel structures blocking the radio waves significantly.

In the Premier class of each of the Mesh communication points in a own radio channel and show no precious bandwidth. This tri-band technology is still expensive and is only worthwhile in case of high data traffic. If in the living room, a 4K movie on Netflix, is looked, in the kitchen on the Tablet, a Youtube recipe video is running and when the children of Spotify, the room filled with sound, while gaming on the Playstation is a multi-player game – then Triband is interesting.

Design the eye function with

Fortunately, most manufacturers of packaged network technology in an attractive Design. Finally, the Access Points are placed in a visible place in the Living room. Netgear Orbi, therefore, comes in the Form of a stylish flower vase, Amplified by Ubiquiti, is a small cube with a touch screen that disguises itself in the bookshelf as a watch, and Google Wifi is reminiscent of Alexa. In addition, there are weather-resistant mesh points, the wear, the home network also in the garden.

The Installation of a Mesh is the same for all devices simple. The base station is connected to the existing Router with a network cable. The Wi-Fi of the router is turned off. Lord of the Internet access of the “mesh master”, so the Mesh base station is now. After the access points are distributed in the house, will set up the Mesh via an App or a web browser, most of the devices self-identify. Deeper network knowledge is not required. The comfort, however, was its price. A simple Repeater can be had for 20 Euro. A Mesh System with two Access Points, costs about 150 euros.

Good news for Fritzbox owners

When manufacturers advertise with the statement, your Mesh System bring the Router already, says the only customers outside Germany. In this country the Modem, so that thing that brings you to the Internet and the Router, the Manager of all network-enabled Devices in the home network as a single device from the Provider. Elsewhere in the world, the Modem and the Router are separated often.

by far The most affordable way to a Mesh is likely to lead to a lot of German on AVM. The manufacturer of the Fritzbox in this country, with a market share of almost 50 percent. The Fritzbox is almost the Nimbus of a “people’s router”.

With the recently released Fritz OS 7 can boring fitzbox owners of their routers to “Mesh masters” – for free. The Update is not only available for the Top model 7590, but also for the cheaper devices, such as 7580, 7560 and 7490. For the Mesh you need and then only for about 20 euros the cheapest AVM-Repeater, or for around 130 euros a Powerline Kit AVM. Together with the already extensive capabilities of the Fritzbox and the associated Apps, which results in a very comfortable Mesh network. Meanwhile, AVM is offering the flagship 7590, together with a Repeater as a “Mesh kit” for around 270 Euro. The Berliners are in the price segment of Mesh systems such as Asus Lyra and Google Wifi, the base packages Netgear Orbi and Ubiquiti offer, but at the same time, around 100 Euro.

radio holes adé : So you drill with the Fritzbox your Wi-Fi on Fullscreen

With the introduction of FritzOS 7 the Fritzbox is offered as a “Mesh Set” together with a Repeater. With the Bundle, AVM wants to assert itself against competitors in the market of Mesh systems such as Google, Netgear and Huawei. If you already have a newer Fritzbox, you must buy only one Repeater from AVM and can be set up so starting at 20 Euro is very cheap for a Mesh Wi-Fi at home. The systems of other providers start at around 200 euros, for there is then but also a Router. The expensive variant is worth it especially if your home is just a cheap Router from Provider, offers little comfort, or even radio signal.